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  1. The camera stops working with the old and the latest firmware, but only with Canon cine primes.
  2. No ways! When I use CN-E lenses to take pictures, the camera stops working, also with the new firmware. I definitely need to use a different adapter with Canon cinema primes.
  3. Great news, thanks! I own the MK IV adapter and the 7S. It works great with all my Canon photographic lenses, but it drives me crazy with all my Canon CN-E lenses. If I use them, the camera stops working. So I need to remove the battery to unlock the camera and, everytime, when I restart the camera, the settings are changed. I hope that this new firmware update will fix the problem.
  4. IMHO, probably a new FS700 is on the way, but if I know Sony, we will see it at NAB next year. ;)
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