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  1. On 11/12/2016 at 0:42 PM, mercer said:

    I was waiting for you to use the popular vote argument... I figured you would. But yes, Clinton did get the most votes, she just lost the popular vote in enough states where it mattered.

    Between that and your earlier assertion that Obama had a successful eight years, leads me to believe you just regurgitate DNC talking points.


    Please go back and read the post I was responding to.  The majority of "The American People" did not vote for Trump.  It is totally unfair to blame us for all the bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, and ugliness he spewed.  I voted for Obama, twice.  I take responsibility for the good things he did and the wrong decisions he made.  Trump voters should take responsibility for their choice.  I don't want people around the world getting upset at "The American People".  Most of us are in the same camp as them.  And that is not an "argument".  That is a FACT.  You need to learn the difference between opinion and objective FACTS.

    As far as Democratic talking points are concerned, I wish the fact the Democratic agenda Hillary Clinton pushed got the most votes was a Democratic talking point.  It would be nice.  If you want to see the Democratic talking points google "DNC".  It is laughable.  Everyone is running around with their hair on fire asking "what went wrong".  There is tons of talk about putting a black Muslim in charge of the DNC.  A 75 year old socialist is saying with a straight face that he is not ruling out running for president.  Let me get this straight you win an election by potentially millions of votes and your reaction is OH MY GOD throw the baby out with the bath water and change our whole message.  Only in America would a party that has won the largest block of voters in 6 of the last 7 elections over a multidecade period say they need to change everything.  There is not a single Christian, western, first world democracy that I know of where the candidate who won an election by millions of votes would be declared to have had the wrong message.  And not just slightly wrong, burn down the whole party and start over wrong.  It is absurd.

    Also this next part is to the forum not you.  I never said Obama had a successful eight years.  I have no idea why mercer made that up.  Obama hasn't even been in office eight years and presidential legacies cannot be fully judged for years after they leave office.  I supported Bill Clinton.  I like just about everyone else in both parties supported his repeal of Glass Steagall.  Well how many years did it take for us to see the full effects of that little decision?  I now strongly disagree with that action.  Even Newt Gingrich has admitted it was probably a mistake.  I don't know the long term effect of Obama's actions on Cuba nor Iran.  So anyone saying that I declared Obama's entire presidency a "success" is lying... the way Trump makes up simplistic lies that a minority of Americas believe.

    I don't have the time nor energy to go through the rest of that post and debunk everything else that was said.  The one thing I will say again is let's at least get some objective facts and agree on them.  Donald Trump is legally president of the United States.  The majority of voters did not vote for him nor his ideas.  Hillary Clinton got the largest block of voters in this election and actually won by a bigger margin than Nixon, JFK, Gore and of course George W Bush among others.  These are FACTS.

  2. 20 hours ago, Policar said:

    I've seen demos of cutting edge HDR displays. Unfortunately, a small screen screen consumes nearly as much power as a small house (due to the need for a bank of air conditioners behind the unit) to cool it. But the image is unbelievable. Much bigger jump from HDTV to HDR than from 1080p to 4k. As big as SD to HD, easily.

    The high end first-gen sets are likely very impressive so it's good to see YouTube pushing the technology. It does seem immature. The ecosystem is very immature. But HDR is mind-blowing. 

    Cool.  Thanks for posting.  I haven't seen true HDR content on a true HDR display.  I look forward to it based on what you are saying.

    I could probably agree it is the next big thing.  But the last big thing, 4k, still has minuscule penetration.  Honestly HDR might be a somewhat mature consumer product before 4k is in even 50% of the US households.  4k TVs are already selling for peanuts, relatively, and I don't know if we are even at 10% market penetration.

    There are larger 4k TVs selling for a fraction of what I bought my 50" plasma smart TV for just a few years ago, but I am in no way tempted to upgrade.  The contrast and colors on the plasma are great and I never hunger for more resolution.  Honestly the compressed streaming shows are what need more resolution and less compression.  Current content isn't even utilizing the full capabilities of my HD TV.

    Personally I would tell anyone who is interested in upgrading to stick to 1080p and wait for 4k AND HDR to mature.  It is crazy to throw out a 60" TV every 4-5 years.  A TVs lifespan should be measured in decades.  We have become a truly wasteful society.

  3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with 14-42mm Lens is now $497.99 at a variety of online retailers and there are reports that Best Buy will price match.




    Adorama also gives you reward credit.

    Don't just make a decision based on this post.  Shop around.  Various sweeteners may be added or modified.  Look around for the best price and combination for you.


    And as always THANKS OBAMA*


    *That's a joke

  4. 4 hours ago, Snowfun said:

    Is it easier to "blame the media" rather than face the reality that it was the American people who wanted (and voted for) Trump to lead their nation?

    Yes, probably because Hillary Clinton got the most votes.  We just made it through a fact free election.  Let's at least try to start looking at facts now.  It's the least we can do.  I am not letting certain Americans off the hook.  The media wasn't perfect but millions of people definitely had a fertile mind for what Trump was selling.  Even if Trump lost which could have happened easily I would have been disturbed that he got so far.

    As content creators we have to live in reality.  We have to be realistic about who our audience is.  For years I've watched Oscar winning movies and left scratching my head wondering who these movies are for.  A movie like "Birdman" is not going to be a hit with your average Trump voter.

    What I find so amusing about Jonesy Jones' convoluted logic about Trump's campaign lies is the thesis that he puts forth that it was all just metaphors and only people without a college degree could understand them.  That is the best elitist position I've ever heard. 

    I don't know where I fit in.  I think movies like "Birdman" are trying too hard to be edgy and apparently I am too educated to comprehend the deep meaning in Trump's Shakespearean metaphors... according to Jones.

    Or maybe Trump is just a politician and like all politicians he promises you the sun moon and stars and once in office stars making excuses and blaming others.



    For six years, Republicans have sought every possible way to kill the landmark health law — bringing failed lawsuits and waging unwinnable legislative fights that a Democratic president could always veto. Now that the stars have aligned to allow them to do it, they can’t agree on how to proceed.


    Oh, boy.  Here we go.  I guess running your mouth and wasting millions of tax payer dollars on lawsuits is a lot easier than actually running a country.

    5 minutes ago, mercer said:

    So saying that some illegal aliens are rapists and murderers is racist? 

    When you shoot scenes for movies or commercials do you usually do them with no context?  Is that more effective?

  6. 4 minutes ago, Amook said:

    I have to say this thread and Ed Davids other thread are ruining eoshd for me. This was my safe space from the political talk. He's now brought his hate and bias into this forum. I'm out....

    This is a forum for storytellers.  Seems odd not to talk about the biggest story perhaps of our lifetimes.  Honestly if you are making movies about people or for people it is nice to know what they are thinking and feeling.  At a time like this it seems silly to just sit around and talk about specs. The last few days really put a lot into perspective for me.

    Honestly some of the Trump supporter arguments remind me of other arguments we've had on here.  For example there is a contingent on this forum that think if Canon came out with a 4k mirrorless camera they would return to their glory days.  To me that is like Trump people saying build a wall and everything will go back to the way it used to be.  For a lot of this election I bought into the narrative that Trump voters are racist.  Well a lot may be racially insensitive but more truly motivated by an irrational belief Trump can bring their jobs back.  I don't think that people who think Canon can return to its glory days with a 4k mirrorless camera are racist.  I just think they are being irrational.

    The biggest story of this election is people (pollsters, big media, Democrats) did not listen to the stories of white non college educated people in the upper midwest.  If the pollsters and Democrats don't take a hard look at the people who voted for Obama twice and then voted for Trump they are going to miss one of the biggest lessons from this whole unfortunate episode.  There is a documentary in there somewhere.


  7. 12 minutes ago, fuzzynormal said:

    Oh, I think you can speak for at least about half of Americans with that sentiment.  

    Make no mistake, POTUS campaigning is a game of rhetoric.  Clinton is not good at it, which is why she was unable to turn out the vote.  She only needed to convince about 1 outta 200 voters in the swing states to win enough electoral votes.  More absurd rhetoric and concerted outreach to uneducated rust-belt whites would have helped her, to be honest.  A little more verve with some "I'll totally create jobs for you, absolutely!" stuff.

    On the other hand, that's not who she is.  She knows coal is doomed, for instance, so why promise jobs to the sector?  Things like that.  Pragmatism in a campaign is not a good strategy. It's noble and honest, but not a winning game.

    And really, I'm not going to poo-poo Trump in everything.  He gets a chance from me.  A very very skeptical chance, but a legit one.  He's talking about an infrastructure WPA-type program.  Which seems like that would make the GOP's leader's heads explode, so we'll see.

    Totally bummed about the SCOTUS thing though.


    Amazing post.  You hit the nail on the head.  America is in deep trouble.  It is really tough to run for president.  What do you do?  Tell the truth?  You do and you lose.  Lie to the people?  Well when you win now you have to fulfill your promises.

    I will tell the truth about Trump and call out all the racist, sexist, xenophobic, and fascist things he says.  But in the end I have no choice but to root for his success.  His success really is our success.

    Yeah and the SCOTUS thing is going to be messed up.  Some people in the Senate have already spoken about going to war over nominees.  Sad the Republicans could have given Obama one appointee and possibly gotten three in return.  Now at least one Senator laid out some crazy revenge plan where Trump gets no appointments.

    Everything I'm hearing is the Republicans will stop caring about the debt now and we are going to go trillions more into a hole.  Tax cuts, infrastructure spending, military, wall, VA, and who knows what else.  Interest rates are already shooting up.  Ten year is over 2%.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Nikkor said:

    I'm not in the US, neither do I vote, but if I could have voted in these elections, I'd voted for trump just to see all these whiny liberal preachers cry. Those kind of people who say that I have to feel guilty because I'm white and have a penis,etc... bla bla, Fuck you preachers, I never listened to the priests, I'm not going to listen to some little liberal kid, after all tora students, protestants, marxists, and these new millenial postmodern garbage are all the same kind of people, cocksuckers.

    This is what probably most trump voters thought when they voted for trump, so the fault lies in the new pseudo left who has nothing to offer to the real people.

    This new left has alienated people to such degree that they are voting for the most corrupt and reactionary politicians possible, and will not protest against them. 



    Reminds me of one of our new president's very first tweets...




    So just to be clear.  You are allegedly a billionaire.  You have tons of healthy well educated wealthy kids.  You have a much younger submissive trophy wife.  You are of the most favored gender, religion, and ethnicity in the richest country in the world.  You have your own gigantic jet.  Oh, and you were just given the keys to the White House.  And your response... VERY UNFAIR!

    Seriously?  You are a victim, Trump?  I'll swap with you buddy.


  9. 16 minutes ago, SuperSet said:

    ""I think one thing that should be distinguished here is that the media is always taking Trump literally. It never takes him seriously, but it always takes him literally. ... I think a lot of voters who vote for Trump take Trump seriously but not literally, so when they hear things like the Muslim comment or the wall comment, their question is not, 'Are you going to build a wall like the Great Wall of China?' or, you know, 'How exactly are you going to enforce these tests?' What they hear is we're going to have a saner, more sensible immigration policy." - Peter Thiel

    Let me say it is far from ideal for a candidate to be a rorschach test on a job interview.  But the election is over so no sense complaining about it.  I'm just glad you've got a hotline to Peter Thiel Trump Whisperer.  Shoot him a tweet or whatever and ask him if he is really going to bring those jobs back.  I've got a film Hasselblad in my closet and if I can make a middle class income leisurely shooting weddings with that thing and send my future kids to college then I'm in.  I will quit this day job tomorrow or more accurately whenever the wall metaphor job saving thingy happens.

  10. 19 minutes ago, timmyturntable said:

    Really?  Now the way I search for information needs some refinement too?  Sounds like you have a monmental task of getting your perfectly honest and authentic content through to people.


    Not really.  I'm a hobbyist and yet even though photography has never been my vocation I have had my work on the front page of multiple national newspapers in the lead story and on national news programs.  I realize that isn't as prestigious or as well vetted as your twitter posts but cut me some slack.  I'm just an amateur.

    If you have powerful images and true facts you get front page coverage coast to coast and you lead the evening news.  If you lie and say Mexican migrants are rapist you get derision and protests in the streets.  And no there is no need for the media to change that system.  That is the way it is supposed to be.


    25 minutes ago, timmyturntable said:

     I like how you have pegged me as "alt-right" without even knowing me.


    Never said you were.  Reread that sentence.  I used the word "they" as a plural and mentioned a variety of outlets.  You cut all that out and focused on alt right and made that sentance about you singluar.  I didn't even know what the alt right was until your candidate made the champion of the alt right his campaign CEO.

  11. 4 hours ago, FilmMan said:

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

    There is a lot of humour and unfortunately a lot of hate being spewed.    People need to respect each other and work together.  I did a google search and came up with a young Trump (before the orange look) with Oprah having a chit chat.  Interesting interview from 1988.  Maybe the naysayers will be pleasantly surprised?  I'm hoping for the best for the American people and all the people in the world.

    I don't know about other people but I hope for the best.  But that is really the worst possible position to be in when waiting for the swearing in for the president of the United States.  It would kind of be nice to know what the president is going to do... or NOT do.  The problem with Trump supporters who ask, why are you guys freaking out, is we are freaking out because of the very words that have come out of the man's mouth and that he has typed at 3 am.  I am not freaking out because what some analyst on motherjones wrote or what some blogger wrote or because of something I read on a facebook feed.  I'm not freaked out because of rumors.  I'm freaked out because of what I have heard and seen with my own ears and eyes.

    And that tape just showed his 80s style bigotry.  And don't get me wrong he wasn't the only one or a rare breed.  Everybody said the "Japs" as they called them were going to take over.  Well where are they now?  Where are the big bad foreign Japanese now?  Now our boogeyman is the Chinese and the Mexicans.  Well I've heard enough from my parents about the 80s hysteria that I refuse to live in fear.  America is already great.  That doesn't mean you don't need to upgrade your skills to stay relevant in the modern economy.

    Back in the day you could be a film photographer and make a fat income fairly easily.  No housewife would put out an ad and offer to shoot a wedding for money on a whim.  Now?  No way.  If you are a mediocre photographer shooting film you are out of business.  You have to upgrade to digital and learn photoshop and web delivery.  You have to massively cut you prices.  You have to constantly upgrade your gear.  You have to learn videography.  You have to learn drone operation.  What is Trump going to do?  Build a wall to keep out housewives with DSLRS?

    How many threads have I seen on here about people lamenting clients asking you to shoot with your own equipment and offering a measly hourly rate with no compensation for equipment rental?  How many posts have I seen with people fretting about having to upgrade a perfectly good 1080p camera to an expensive 4k camera for future proofing and remaining relevant?  How many posts have I seen where a photographer has said they had to start learning video because clients are asking for it?  How many posts have I read abou t clients asking for the sun moon and the stars and pay going down down down?  Is Trump's wall going to fix that?  Well multiply your experience across hundreds of industries.

    The good ol' days of leisurely snapping pictures with your Hasselblad and making a middle class income, owning a home, and sending your kids to college is over.  And I'll let you in on a little secret.  It isn't Mexico's fault and a wall won't bring those days back.

  12. Just now, timmyturntable said:

    Do a quick search on twitter?

    Sorry man.  I don't get on Twitter.  Never looked at it during the entire campaign.  There are billions of social networking sites and tons of fake accounts.  You literally can go on any social media site and find someone that has said anything.  Remember the 400 PERCENT INCREASE in death threats against Obama?  I mean the secret service had to come out and debunk that bit of reporting multiple times.  Now you want to convince me of this WAVE OF THREATS against Trump with a Twitter search?

    @Ed_David, see this is what I mean.  If you are going to have people that are going to go out and data mine Twitter of all places and create a narrative in their head how do you combat that?  Then they are going to go to whatever alt right, Fox News, or whatever site reinforces what they already think.  They aren't going to look at data points that conflict with what they want to believe.  I bet you that if you asked the average Obama voter if Obama received substantial more death threats than any other president in modern history they would say yes.  When it is your guy everyone screams everyone is trying to kill him!!!

    Again because of the democratization of the equipment and the magic of the internet anyone with an agenda can get on the web and put out a pretty slick convincing video that finds fertile ground in susceptible minds.

  13. 11 minutes ago, mercer said:

    This is so full of ignorance and straw man arguments that completely cherry picks the facts. 

    If you have something to discuss then discuss it.  Answering well written factual well thought out posts with one liners doesn't advance the conversation.

    This is a forum of creatives.  I am a hobbyist.  I have a day job that I would like to keep.  I have however been involved in multiple creative endeavors and I have had to pause and think about what the effect my work will have on others, myself, and my family.  That has resulted in one project in particular being killed and a highly successful project having my name removed from it.  I'm sorry but anyone running for the White House should have a sense of discretion.  If Trump wishes to call Mexican immigrants rapists then he has to deal with the consequences and it is not the media's job to clean up his mess.  Bellyaching about it at this point because people are enraged is stupid.  There is a reason no major party presidential candidate in my lifetime has ever done that.

  14. 58 minutes ago, timmyturntable said:

    @Damphousse I actually do have two little girls that I devote my free time to spending time with and making family movies.  

    I would never let Trump NEAR them, even if he claims he is different at 70 than at 54.  But, of course, if that was my only voting criteria, it would have also eliminated Bill (I can have any woman I want) Clinton being around them either :)  We can agree here that neither is a picture of morality?


    We can agree that Bill Clinton isn't on the ballot and is constitutionally barred from running for president.  We can also agree there is a tape of Clinton saying at most he "caused pain in his marriage".  And we can also agree there is a tape of Donald Trump saying because he is a privileged man that he grabs girls like your daughter by the "pussy" and moves on them like a "bitch".  We can also agree he called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and white European women who work in this country illegally by taking their clothes off for money first lady material.  We can also agree there are double digit number of women including a reporter who accuse Trump of sexual assault.  Not an affair.  Sexual assault.

    And with all of Bill Clinton's issues we can agree he got married and stayed married and only the party of "family values" has destroyed an American tradition and elected one divorcee after another while preaching to us how to run our on households.  Right?  We can agree on that?

    2 hours ago, dhessel said:

    The reason why Trump won is because Hillary Clinton and the democratic party tried to force their will on the American public. They stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders and basically cheated him out of the nomination. They then continued to use all of their connections to try and stack the deck against Trump- getting debate questions beforehand, getting sent articles and news reports for editing from the media, etc... If it had not been for wikileaks exposing all of this we probably never would have none what they were trying to do. The DNC, Clinton, and their connections int the media tried to supplant Clinton as president.It wasn't about what the people wanted it was about what they wanted. In doing so they had a canidate who is one of the most corrupt and hated polititans out there. Looking for someone to protest, someone to blame, look no further than the Democratic party. They tried to force Hillary on us, they failed and this is the result. 

    So the thesis is Clinton wiped the floor with Trump during the debates because she cheated?  Not because she was first lady for a governor, first lady of the United States, an accomplished ivy league educated lawyer, a senator, a secretary of state, nor was it her experience debating Barack Obama who went on to be a popular two term president.  No.  It was none of that.  It was "she cheated".  You don't think the problem was he did minimal to no debate prep?  It's amazing how a man does no work and loses to a woman who does more prep for the debates than potentially any human being before her and the flippant answer is "she cheated".

    5 hours ago, Ed_David said:

    The media created Trump.

    The media did not create Trump.  The American people are shallow, self absorbed, and careless.  There are a lot of people that want Trump.  They don't want to hurt their brains by really thinking about policy.  They want an obnoxious bully that shouts slogans so they can turn their brains off.

    The thing is the main stream media can change but that won't do any good.  Look at Fox.  Look at Glenn Beck.  Glenn Beck is pretty much banned from the main stream media.  How much do you think he makes now that everybody kicked and screamed and got him tossed off of CNN and then Fox?



    Beck’s broader business empire, which also include his eponymous radio program and speaking tours, brings in more than $80 million annually.


    It's funny because you all are posting this stuff on EOSHD.  The very thing that allows this website to thrive is what allows the alt right to thrive.  With the internet and cheap high quality cameras and audio equipment it is easy to distribute false information.  The fact of the matter is if the people don't get what they want from the main stream media the someone will grab a DSLR and open a youtube account and give it to them and make a tidy profit doing it.


    1 hour ago, timmyturntable said:

    You are right, in a normal year, whoever lost would mope a bit and life would go on.  Trump would do well to reach out to those he offended and has scared...clarify how he will govern (not what he will say for shock value to make the headlines on the news and get free publicity). 

    @Ed_DavidThe post-election attacks and hate crimes should be condemened by all, especially Trump.  It's also wrong that we are seeing calls for assassinations on Trump / his family. Hate is still hate and should be called out as such.

    I haven't heard any of these calls for assassination.  I guess I don't follow the "sources" you do.  And of course I have no sympathy for Trump nor his family.  Sorry timmyturntable you don't understand the videography field.  You don't understand art and emotion.  You just can't call Mexican immigrants rapists and pledge to ban Muslims from entering the country and then magically take it all back.  There are some things you can't take back.  Someone with control of the nuclear codes should know that.  And if you ever want to make movies that appeal universally to a wide audience you need to learn that.  Otherwise enjoy your career making alt right movies.

    4 hours ago, timmyturntable said:

    Even now, the media is more worried about how their pundits missed "calling" the election right than reporting anything real.

    "Calling" the election is "real".  Yes, I'm very concerned about how 100% of the allegedly objective polling data was completely wrong.  Forget about partisanship or preferences or opinions.  We should at a minimum have good FACTS.  Instead of trying to defend a particular candidate or play the victim I think calling attention to the fact not a single major polling firm on the left or right actually got out to rural Pennsylvania and asked working men and women what they think.  A whole crucial swath of the American electorate was either ignored or badly misunderstood by a bunch of highly educated over paid "experts".  You think that is trivial or irrelevant?  I think those people in Pennsylvania and Michigan would tell you that is in fact the heart of the problem.

    Not to be flippant but it reminds me of the studio execs that killed Deadpool.  Thank god for a rebel leaking the test footage.  And doubly thank god for some exec somewhere being smart instead of vindictive and vengeful.  I mean I saw that move and just shook my head.  The studio execs are so out of touch.  How they think that movie wasn't worth making I will never know.  How many fantastic four movies have been made?

    4 hours ago, timmyturntable said:

    People on the losing side were bound to be hurt, angry and scared...either way.  Even still, mainstream media is doing nothing to bring healing to the land...


    Clinton never threatened to jail her opponent nor bar US citizens from coming back into America.  Clinton did not urge law enforcement to stop and frisk Trump supporters.  Please let's not do this false equivalency thing.  It is childish and the majority of us on this forum will not participate.

    Look timmyturntable you have freedom of speech but not freedom from the consequences of your speech.  I have had some interesting stories to tell but I actually stopped one creative endeavor because I thought about the fall out and how it would affect certain people.  I decided I didn't want to deal with the consequences so I killed the project.  Another time I did a project that got national acclaim but requested that my name be removed from it because I didn't want to deal with the fall out.  You can't just demagogue your way to the White House and once you have your prize say you don't want to take responsibility for what you've done.  If you get on live TV and call Mexican immigrants rapists it is not the media's job to clean up your mess.  Are we supposed to rehabilitate Hitler's image so Germans and Austrians quit getting so much shit in movies?  Wait... don't answer that.


    1 hour ago, timmyturntable said:


    This election cycle, the media gave us TRUMP (the "monster you see") versus CLINTON (the "hidden/corrupt" monster).  I voted against Clinton, for Trump.

    Obviously you don't have children.  I feel sorry for my friends who have to explain to their little girls why a man who grabs women by the "pussy" and moves on them like a "bitch" is president and why we must honor our wonderful first lady who paid the bills by working illegally and getting money for taking her clothes off.

    And the media didn't give us anything.  Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the the highest paid actor in Hollywood.  I don't think he is a bad guy.  And I am happy for his success.  But if you think the average person on the street is cerebral and thinking stuff through you would be very wrong.

    By the way I hope you hate net neutrality, love your old expensive clunky cable box, and really enjoy telcos throttling streaming video that doesn't pay the piper because that is what you just voted for because... emails.

    The media is very left leaning.  And Hollywood is obviously an extremist wing of the Democratic party.  The problem is the media is not good at calling out BS and the people are not good at listening when someone tells them they are being BSed.


    Mr. Bush, who has pledged ''to restore honor and dignity'' to the White House


    So basically that party is full of sh-t.

  16. 7 hours ago, Eric Calabros said:

    Look I'm not saying its a good or bad idea, but your assumption about border walls is wrong. Israel made a huge one, and its unbelievably effective. Even Palestinians admitted its very effective, and they are master of tunnel making. 

    US southern border is NOTHING like Israel.  It is almost 2,000 miles and runs through some of the most inhospitable terrain in North America.  Also I don't think there are Jewish businesses that are clamoring to hire terrorists as cheap labor.  I mean it would make more sense to focus on the wealthy business people who hire illegal aliens vs wasting taxpayer dollars on an ineffective wall even law enforcement and the border patrol don't want.


    The wall is a fantasy,” said Tony Estrada, the sheriff of Santa Cruz County, Ariz., a border district that is one of the busiest corridors of drugs and people smuggling in America. “I don’t care how big, how high or how long it is — it’s not going to solve the problem.”



    Whether people support Trump or are against him I'm just glad people posted.  Nice to see people talk about something other than nerdy specs.

    Having said that we can finally put to rest the saying "content is king".  We in the US just made it through the most content free election in my lifetime.  I woke up Wednesday and I literally don't have any idea what is going to happen to my country for the next four years.  I keep hearing scary things like massive infrastructure spending, massive military spending, and massive tax cuts.  Our out of control debt is going to explode.  The business news channel says banks are having the biggest rally they've had in years.  They are looking forward to massive deregulation.  It's like we are turning the clock back eight years and going to replay the horror movie we just watched.

    Does anyone realize the fight Obama has been waging with his FCC to protect the internet?  As content creators what does a Republican chairman at the FCC mean for you?


    The Federal Communications Commission today approved a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that seeks to give consumers more choices in the set-top boxes they use to watch cable TV.

    The vote was 3-2, with Chairman Tom Wheeler and fellow Democrats Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel voting in favor of the proposal, while Republicans Ajit Pai and Michael O'Rielly voted against. An NPRM is not a final vote.


    This isn't even a Trump thing!  Why, oh why would any political party be in favor of overpriced clunky cable boxes that you are forced to rent from your local duopoly/monopoly?  Do noncollege educated whites really want to preserve the sanctity of archaic rented cable boxes?!

  17. 2 minutes ago, mkabi said:

    I'm beginning to think that mid-end IQ-savvy video market isn't very profitable... Samsung Cameras weren't the only ones to shut down, didn't Digital Bolex also call it quits.

    Yeah Bolex is done... predictably.  The large sensor video market is moving way too fast for someone coming from kickstarter to hold their own.  Everyone was screaming for "filmic" raw color with global shutter and Bolex delivered.  So then everyone went and bought 4k 8 bit cameras with Sony colors and jellovision™.

    Watch these threads.  A camera is announced and it is amazing and king of the hill.  3-4 months later the next whiz bang feature is out and the camera that took millions to develop is garbage and people have moved on.  I own a BMPCC that I bought new for $500.  I remember a time not that long ago when 95% of this forum would have given their left gonad for a camera like that at that price.  And now?  People want high frame rate APS-C 4k in Prores in camera with IBIS and DPAF.  That is so far out of the core competency of a company like Nikon it is ridiculous.  They have a very nice business selling stills cameras.  Why would they invest millions of dollars in something that is going to be treated like a disease 3-4 months after launch by a bunch of ingrates?

    I wonder if people on this forum ever think about how many 4k cameras have been obsoleted in the time the Canon 5D MK III has stayed at the top of the Amazon sales rankings.

    I'm not saying I don't want more features at a cheaper price from ALL manufacturers but I can at least imagine there is a rational business reason for certain things not happening.

  18. 2 hours ago, tugela said:
    5 hours ago, Damphousse said:

    Uhh...  Do you know something about Blackmagic's financial statements that we don't?

    Nikon and Canon have way too much brand equity to turn out half baked cameras a year late.  You have to be crazy to think Nikon would destroy its brand doing what Blackmagic is doing.  The fact of the matter is many companies that people have mentioned in this thread have done what they have done out of pure desperation.

    The point is the fact that BM were able to do it at all means that it is doable, and you would expect a large specialist company like Nikon to be more capable. But apparently they are not. We know that they have the technical expertise, which means the lacking element is in the decision making process, specifically in senior management who call the shots.

    Do what?!  Release half baked cameras a year late?  If that is what you want buy a Blackmagic.  FYI I own a Canon AND a Blackmagic camera.  I use them both.  They are very different.  And I understand why each company does certain things differently.

    Nikon is running a multibillion dollar profitable business.  You don't just write the CEO of Nikon and say do it.  "It" what exactly?  Like I asked you before are you privy to Blackmagic's financials?  It's real easy for arm chair warriors to tell companies to do "it".  A lot harder to tell them specifically what to do and how to do it profitably while not destroying their brand.

    Everyone cheered Samsung along as their camera business imploded.  The level of hubris is amazing.  The voices of reason asked people to consider for a moment it isn't that simple and easy.  They were shouted down.  Samsung listened to all the people saying how easy it is.  Where is Samsung now?  What about gopro?  I loved everyone going on and on about how Canon should innovate like GoPro.  Where is GoPro's stock now?  Really how many times do you have to watch a stock completely crater or an entire camera business get shuttered before you realize it isn't just a matter of doing "it".

    It is painfully clear to me there is a finite amount of money in this hybrid camera market.  If Panasonic really pulls off IBIS with internal 4k 10 bit 4:2:2 and decent low light 4 other camera makers are going to have their lunch eaten.

  19. 5 hours ago, Chris Oh said:

    People in my circle, at least, don't want half baked solutions. Why would they? Their shiny new iPhone 7 is now water proof that does stabilized videos, simple edit in iMovie, and share it in 30 minutes. If they're spending another $1k on yet another device, they want something more from that purchase.


    You are contradicting yourself.  The iMovie crowd is happy with the iPhone 7 Plus.  They aren't out looking to spend $1,500+ on a complicated camera body.

    Even in the heyday of DSLR sales people were buying Rebels with kit lenses and and setting them on full auto.  They appreciated the faster operation and superior picture quality.  And they didn't have to learn a single thing more than what they already knew from their point and shoots.  Those people didn't spend "30 minutes" in photoshop adjusting their pictures.

    15 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

    Simple gallup at work. I have about 20 people close to me there. Maybe two of them have an old camcorder and about the same number of Gopros. Zero owns a cinema camera. Every single one of them owns a still camera or even two + a smartphone.


    That is my reality.  I don't know a single person that shoots video on anything other than a smartphone.  And only a precious few who shoot stills on anything other than a smartphone.  And none that use mirrorless cameras.

    20 hours ago, Chris Oh said:

    More and more younger people as young as middle school kids getting into videos, I would think it would hurt them more in sales by not including more video features. what choice do I have if I want 4k, IBIS, swivel screen, all under $1k? G80/85. Just a few more opens up if you can do with one or two of the three. I started stills with D70, than D90 with 720p. After that I moved to Cannon with T2i with 1080p. I'd love to come back to Nikon, and still have a couple of lenses, but not in its current state. it is, indeed, baffling.

    My experience is young kids know less and less about technology than past generations.  I don't know a single middle schooler that knows how to write a line of code.  When I was in middle school we all learned some computer programming at some point.  This is the iphone generation.  All they do is play games and message each other.  Their technical knowledge is poor.  I am shocked with the amount of computing power lying around and knowledge for free on the internet how clueless the junior high kids are today.

    To answer your question my experience is if I was marketing electronics to the middle school generation I would make it the most dumbed down idiot proof device available that had a wireless connection and apps to get their content into 10 different messaging programs and on the web with a voice command or eye tracking in a VR headset.

    Oh, and that sh-t better be CHEAP.  Millennials and below don't like spending money on things unless they have an apple on them.


    A study by Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things.

    Good luck selling $1,500 cameras and $800 lenses to millennials.

    1 hour ago, tugela said:

    If Black Magic could do it, a small operation on the far side of the world, you would think that a large company like Nikon could as well.

    Their inability to do it is purely a senior management issue.

    Uhh...  Do you know something about Blackmagic's financial statements that we don't?

    Nikon and Canon have way too much brand equity to turn out half baked cameras a year late.  You have to be crazy to think Nikon would destroy its brand doing what Blackmagic is doing.  The fact of the matter is many companies that people have mentioned in this thread have done what they have done out of pure desperation.

  20. On 10/6/2016 at 2:45 AM, Simon Shasha said:

    Just bought an A6300. This is bullshit from Sony if true.

    A6300 has barely been on the market for 8-months. Guess it'll be priced around X-T2 pricing.

    A6500 is 40% more expensive than the A6300.  How exactly is this "bullshit" as you so politely put it?  40% increase in price puts it in another class entirely.  Canon has tons of cameras that aren't separated by a 40% difference in price.

  21. 22 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

    Dont know if there are state differences but that would be kinda weird.

    It's the United States of America.  Difference is not weird.  It is the whole point.  Each state has different laws.  You move to the state who's laws you like the most.  You can smoke weed in front of a cop in Colorado.  In another state if you do that a cop may summarily execute you for doing that... if your skin is a few shades darker than acceptable.  Lawyers from one state can't just go and practice law in another state.  They have to pass an exam and apply for a license for that state... Same with doctors.

    California on its own is a G-7 country.  That's one out of 50 states.  Assuming you can do something in Cali and trying to do the same thing in Alabama will get you in a lot of trouble.  Walk around Manhattan with a gun on your hip like a cowboy and see how your day goes.

    22 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

    So it still looks ok in most places and as long as you tell them in some.

    No.  Everyone must know the law in their own jurisdiction.  It doesn't matter what happens in "most places".  And also if you "tell them" it's not clandestine.  That is the opposite of clandestine.  My admonishment was for clandestine recordings.

    22 hours ago, Bioskop.Inc said:

    NB. I am not American, nor do I live in America...

    Sorry to derail your thread.  I just had to address sanveer's comment because what he was saying was by no means universal.  Like I said I am not a lawyer and I certainly don't know my local laws thoroughly let alone UK laws.  I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone reading sanveer's post that no matter what legal maneuver you are trying to pull the law doesn't necessarily follow common sense nor is it generally applicable to the entire planet.

    3 hours ago, Richard Bugg said:

    Possibly no need to sign any contract, as a verbal agreement can be binding (UK likely to be quite similar to AU):



    Yeah but what some people aren't getting is the difference between legally binding and provable in court.  Where I live people get written contracts because they are provable in court.  Verbal contracts are binding but good luck proving what someone said.

    On 9/29/2016 at 10:15 AM, Bioskop.Inc said:

     I'll keep contact via Email, just so that i've got a record of everything - no need to record people.


    I have never been to court but I have used email exchanges in legal situation to extract payment.  I am not a lawyer and I don't know what it is like to go to court with email as your evidence but I can tell you when negotiating those emails made a lot of problems go away before I even had to call a lawyer.  Individual experience may vary.

  22. 10 minutes ago, sanveer said:

    First call them and record everything on the phone. Make sure you mention that you haven't been paid. Also say that they should finish the whole thing and that you can lower the fee, so that the matter is finally settled. Then say that you will make a 2 page contract and finish the whole thing.


    sanveer,  I don't know where you live but in the United States clandestinely recording a telephone conversation in many jurisdictions is strictly prohibited by wire tap laws.  In many cases you must inform the other party that the conversation is being recorded.  I am not a lawyer and laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

    1 hour ago, Bioskop.Inc said:

    Should I ask for the money they owe me, get paid a small sum of cash & hand over the Doc.

    or Just say that some of the footage has now been re-edited for another project & legally it isn't their's now (which is true now, as I stupidly never got them to sign a contract), but I can re-edit a new title sequence?

    or Tell them to go f*ck themselves the thieving motherf*ckers!

    How much total time did you put into this project and how much money max are we talking about?

    I don't want my name and work misappropriated.  Misappropriation degrades the value of my other work.  Usually when I've sold pictures I've used rights managed licensing with very specific geographic, time, and print run limits.

    I won't go to war over $50.  I mean if these guys owe you a paltry sum of money I would just say pay me my fee and the video is yours to use as specified by a contract.  Otherwise walk away.  There is no need to get nasty or unprofessional.  If they don't pay you take it as a lesson learned.  In photo forums there are tons of GET A  CONTRACT threads.  I certainly would not give my work away for a pittance.

    It's a balance.  You don't want to get taken advantage of but you don't want to engage in raging battles either.

  23. 19 hours ago, joema said:


    The networks have power over distributors like Comcast -- they simply choose not to exercise that power because quality is not a priority. If Comcast decided to cut the bit rate to 200 kilobits/s...

    Dude... $50 antenna and problem solved.  Much higher quality is literally floating by your eyeballs for free straight from NBC.

    19 hours ago, joema said:

    Re "who is an idiot" for not having an OTA antenna, a diminishing fraction of users have antennas, down to 7% by some estimates. The 93% of those you call "idiots" often have no choice and cannot practically use antennas. Since 1996 the FCC's Over The Air Reception Devices Rule says many HOAs can be challenged regarding antenna prohibitions but most people are not aware of this and cannot afford the hassle anyway: https://www.fcc.gov/media/over-air-reception-devices-rule

    Reading comprehension, my friend.  I asked you who is an idiot NBC or the person who chooses to pay for crappier picture quality AND complain while ignoring the free option the big bad corporation is beaming into their house.  Most people aren't complaining so they aren't idiots.  I don't usually sit around bitching about problems I can solve for free.

    And I don't know what HOAs have to do with anything.  My antenna is about two feet long and sits on a table.  Why would by HOA care about it?  You can stick a gigantic antenna inside your attic and the HOA wouldn't even know about it nor care.  Honestly you should read up on electromagnetic waves and digital broadcasting before posting misinformation.  Everybody that comes to my house and sees my setup is actually surprised.  The impediment is ignorance not a big bad corporation.

    Bottom line it's this guy's job.  Get proper gear, shoot the documentary, and then sell it when done.  Not worth thinking about nor arguing about.  Spend your energy on the creative stuff.

  24. 4 hours ago, Marco Tecno said:

    This is the first camera since the release of nx1 which sounds innovative and interesting to me.

    The NX1 was released less than two years ago.  Realistically a mind blowing camera isn't going to come out every six months.

    3 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Is depressing reading on other places on the internet how quick the anti-MFT trolls are out, and of course their first red herring is "but it sucks at low light".

    This low light argument reminds me of the megapixel race, sure there was big benefits from going from 2 megapixels to 5 megapixels, 12 megapixels, but then at around 16 megapixels to 24 megapixels range... the arguments got a *lot* weaker. And for 99.9% of users we don't need 50 megapixels!Ditto low light, not being constrained by 50 ISO film is *AWESOME*, then getting to 200 ISO... great! And now we can do workable 800 and 1600 and even 3200 ISO!


    Let's assume GH5 carries on and is one stop better even than that? How is that not a very workable ability to handle?

    The "see in the dark" camera requests are ridiculous, but on the budget end of the spectrum silky smooth 3200 ISO is a bit hard to find.  Even that video didn't for example have a model standing under a street light at 1 am.  The stuff in the store windows was lit by indoor spotlights and everything on the street was really dark.

    I use a BMPCC and have had hotpixel issues when lifting shadows at ISO 1600.  Bulletproof 3200 ISO coupled with a speedbooster would be a god send.

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