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  1. On 8/30/2016 at 11:10 PM, IronFilm said:

    X-T2....   so $1.6K? 

    That is barely more than what a GH4 has been recently. 

    If they go nuts and give us 4K 60p 10bit 422 internal then I don't think a full two thousand dollars is at all unreasonable. The Nikon D500 is a crop sensor camera and goes for the same price.

    Will still be heaps and heaps cheaper than any comparable Sony or Canon or BMD competitor.

    That may make sense if most units are moved because of video.

    The Nikon D500 is a sports DSLR.  Its special features are fast autofocus, 10 fps, and native support the the Nikon trove of lenses.  It's a beast when it comes to stills.  No M43 camera can match it.  So if you are selling a M43 camera for the same price it is all about the video.  The debate is how many units can you shift at $2,000 based solely on video?  Stills shooters are not going to buy that thing at that price.  And the stills market is way bigger than the video market.

    Also the average video shooter is not going to mess with vlog and 10 bit 4:2:2.

    Honestly if Canon made a camera with C100 1080p 24p level of image quality in an APS-C body I would get that assuming the price was reasonable (ie $1,200).  I would like to get an image out of a camera that is pretty much 80% or more there.  The BMPCC's image is very gradable but I don't like having to grade everything.  And I don't necessarily want to pay the money and deal with 4k bloat.

    But of course I won't turn my nose up at a Panasonic GH5 for $1,500 assuming it arrives with all the rumored features intact.  Just fooling around with raw and 10 bit prores 4:2:2 I can't imagine mainstream people ever wanting to deal with that.  I have such a backlog of videos that need to be color corrected, graded and edited.  I just don't have the time and I need to upgrade my graphics card... and my monitor setup.

  2. 6 hours ago, sanveer said:

    At $2500 the GH5 can make a killing for a 4k 4-2-2 device, if it can attract a certain minimum numbers of people, who will primarily use it for stills. The DSLR/DSLM filmmaking community is still a very small proportion of the DSLR/DSLM buyers, and therefore its photography features would be a huge governing factor for its sales figures. 

    I don't see anything in the M43 world that makes $2,500 for stills make sense.  If I'm a stills shooter I go for full frame at $2,500.  I wouldn't even touch APS-C for that price.  And M43?!  No way.

  3. 5 hours ago, Django said:

    My point is simply it's a little foolish and brash to make Best camera of the year claim before A. Having hands on experience with said camera, and B. The competition announces its products at the upcoming worlds largest photo fair. If anything this guy ironically fits the "but it's the 1D" character type.. That's all I'm saying..

    I think he pretty clearly acknowledged the Photokina thing.

    There is no "best" camera.  Everyone uses cameras for different things and you have to get the camera that is right for you.

    Best Camera of the Year, Best Phone of the Year, etc are just kind of dumb things content producers say to suck in the eyeballs.  If someone asks me what the "best" camera is I first ask them their experience level and use case.  Then I give them two or three options.  Honestly if money was no object I probably would just get a Canon C series camera and be done with it.  But that is simply not the case and I can't afford $4,000 worth of depreciation happening randomly.

  4. On 8/28/2016 at 10:48 AM, DBounce said:

    Of course I see the iq of the pocket... I owned two of them. But they are not the best to work with. If you were so convinced, why did you sell? Or have you now forgotten all that was wrong with the BMs?  How about that low-light Performance? Remember the fantastic audio quality? Loved the image stabilization?... Exactly!


    Um... yeah.  Metabones EF to BMPCC speedbooster and Canon EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM work great on my BMPCC.  Just remember to turn IS on and zoom the lens all the way out to telephoto BEFORE you turn the BMPCC on.  My handheld stuff looks great compared to the jitter stuff I see all over the web.

    Don't native M43 lenses with OIS work right out of the box?

    BMPCC has its issues.  No need to make up fake ones.

  5. Just now, funkyou86 said:

    I'm not a BM guy, so maybe I am wrong, but the product desc. says that even the 4K video assist feeds the SD cards. Hard to say what will be Panasonics move, I guess there will be two slots for SD cards, but let's wait for the confirmation of the quality of 4K video. Andrew, what do you think, is it possible that the GH5 4K will be anything else than 10bit 4:2:2?

    There are two video assists.  I hadn't seen the 4k version.

  6. Just now, The Chris said:

    If the GH5 is as loaded as speculated, I bet its closer to $2000.

    GH4 announced price was $1699.  It currently sells for $1497.99 on Amazon and B&H.  It would be nice if the new model came in at that price but I doubt it.

  7. 9 hours ago, DPC said:

    I predict that in the next couple of years FF / DLSR will stop being perceived as required for pro photographers (it's already less and less the case). And that, with declining budgets for commissions vs the speed at which the equipment becomes obsolete, it's going to be increasingly absurd for most pros to invest heavily in gear. The only investment that makes sense is intellectual. So with specs like this Olympus and Panasonic really do have a card to play. The OMD EM1 ii and the GH5 could be massive hits. You really don't need 30 or 45 or 50 mpx. 

    Don't hold your breath.

    This is the gear room at Canon's London Olympics office...



    And they did it again for Rio...


    I somehow doubt Panasonic or Olympus have similar support infrastructure for sports photographers.


    The people have spoken.

  8. 3 hours ago, funkyou86 said:

    the BM Video Assist alredy does 4:2:2 10bit to SD cards, why so surprised?

    Is it 4k though?  I mean my BMPCC does raw to SD cards but it isn't 4k.

    37 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

    If 10bit 4K internal comes in the GH5 (as we are now expecting) then Panasonic has won the game of camera wars for this round.


    I wonder what caveats we are missing.  Depending on the price it sounds like my BMPCC needs to find a new home.  May have to go without a camera for awhile while I wait for the GH5 to drift down a bit in price.  The $1,699 price at release for the GH4 was a bit much for my budget.

    I really just wonder how the colors and codec are going to compare to the BMPCC.  If we are really getting 10 bit 4:2:2 internally with at least BMPCC level colors and codec I'm in.  IBIS completely seals the deal.

  9. On 12/17/2015 at 11:17 PM, IronFilm said:

    Where did you sell stock footage? (and what of?)

    Crap.  Never saw this question.

    I've used Pond5.  I just put up some clips from vacations and stuff like that.  I am a hobbyist.  I don't shoot professionally.  I've only made a few hundred dollars here and there.  Not even sure if it is worth my time.

    I guess there are certain topics that are more in demand.  I mean if you have stock clips of a diverse group of people in a medical or business setting with model releases I suppose you would do a lot better.  Or if you live somewhere with exciting news.

    I also shoot 1080p.  Really I think for stock 4k is the way to go.

  10. I guess I won't lie.  I like action and scifi.  But really a good drama has far more repeat watchability than action or scifi.

    I looked up the highest grossing movies on wikipedia and it is kind of depressing.  You literally have to go back all the way to 2000 to find a movie that isn't about scifi, magic or a cartoon.  Mission Impossible 2 was the highest grossing movie in 2000.  You have to go all the way back to 1997 to find a "chick flick" (Titanic).  After that if you skip Ghost in 1990 and look for something with no scifi, magic, action, etc you have to go all the way back to 1988 Rain Man.

    It's amazing the dominance of the fantasy/scifi genere.  Going back over the past decade the cheapest movie to make was the cartoon Frozen, $150 Million!

  11. 1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

    It's really misleading... They use a still life scene consisting of about 6 stops of dynamic range at best, shot at close focus.

    The differences in resolution are minimised and it doesn't really tell us very much.

    The 80D for example looks like abject shit when you shoot landscapes in video mode with it

    Something that a stamp pinned to the side of a light box doesn't quite convey as well...

    Wow you have low standards.

    RED... What is the point!??!

    Fastest contradictory statement ever on the forums? :)

    The 5DS actually does quite good 1080p so if you have a lot of money to flush down the toilet on mediocrity it is your next camera....

    Andrew I haven't spent a significant amount of time at the DPreview site in years.  The megapixel race for me ended a long time ago.  I just posted to mention I liked a particular feature.  I don't know how they are doing that feature with current cameras.  My post was based on when I was looking at stills cameras way more intensely.  I did not mean to imply their studio shot was comprehensive and the end all be all.  I just appreciated that some consistent data point was provided and wanted to acknowledge the time and effort it must take to maintain and update the database.

    And yes "good enough" is a low standard.  I've got several digital and analog cameras.  I really can't afford to keep getting the latest and greatest.  I shoot as a hobby.  I do sell some pictures and videos from my T3i but I just make a few hundred dollars every once in awhile which defrays some of the cost of buying cameras and accessories.  My comments should be taken in that context.  If I was a pro I would be shooting totally different gear.  And if someone thinks the T3i is a joke for stills that's cool.  It's not like anyone is mailing me $3,000 to buy the newest shiniest gear.  I'm not going to shoot a T3i and come on here and lie to you guys and say I have a 1 DX MK II... I'm not Egyptian.

    1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Fastest contradictory statement ever on the forums? :)

    I don't know what you found "contradictory" in my post.

    1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

    The 5DS actually does quite good 1080p so if you have a lot of money to flush down the toilet on mediocrity it is your next camera....

    As I have said before I own a BMPCC.  I use my T3i and other cameras for stills and my BMPCC for video.  Currently I am interested in upgrading my BMPCC to something with 4k so I can have more detail and eliminate moire/aliasing.  The problem is cost and I don't like my color/grading options.  I also own a bunch of canon lenses that I use on my T3i and my analog Canon camera.

    I've got thousands of dollars tied up in camera bodies, lenses, accessories, etc.  And that doesn't even include the medium format stills stuff.  In this economy and with these wages at a certain point each person has to decide for themselves when things are "good enough".  I can't dictate to others what that point is for them.  But I can draw a line for myself.  Don't worry when I win the lotto I will get a better stills camera, but for now the T3i will have to do.  And really my point was not to argue or antagonize anyone.  Had I known it was going to upset someone I wouldn't have even posted it.  It was just a passing thought about one feature of a website I enjoyed visiting back in the day.

  12. Quote

    The Rock has dislodged Iron Man from the top of Forbes' highest-paid actor list.

    Dwayne Johnson, the most successful performer to cross over from pro wrestling, pulled in $64.5 million between June 2015-2016, thanks to his roles in the Fast & Furious franchise and San Andreas. His participation in animated Disney feature Moana, due Nov. 23, will likely help his placing on next year's list.

    Robert Downey Jr. slid down to eighth with $33 million, which ties him with Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan.

    The list, released Thursday, served to further illustrate the pay gap between men and women. Top female earner Jennifer Lawrence's $46 million amounts to 72% of Johnson's income and would only place her sixth among the men, between Johnny Depp ($48 million) and Ben Affleck ($43 million).

    There you have it folks.  That's the market you are operating in.  I'm not mad but it is an eye opener.

    Kind of weak for them to make a gender thing about this.  This list is a rogue's gallery.  People are complaining about the gender of the highest paid rogue?

    None of my favorite actors are on this list.  Johnny Depp used to be somewhat interesting but now it is getting old.

  13. 20 hours ago, mojo43 said:

    I believe that it would be your grading skills that suck rather than the cameras colours?

    Now, now.  No need to be mean.  I'm sure camera manufactures dragged their heels on log because explaining the concept to the general public was going to be a low yield painful experience.

  14. 2 hours ago, KrisAK said:

    DPreview is just a communal front porch leading to Amazon. Anything driving traffic away is probably viewed a threat, though for their own sake (i.e. maintaining the illusion of editorial integrity) you'd think they'd leave it up.

    Dumb move by DPreview.

    One thing I like about DPreview is they do standard studio shots with every camera that gets an in depth review.  So you can pixel peep and compare the results yourself.  The evidence is posted and it is up to you to decide.

    Personally for me DSLRs got "good enough" for stills in the T3i days.  My GAS is now driven by the video side of things.  I still use my T3i for stills but I don't feel the need to neurotically pixel peep at DPreview anymore.  And obviously I don't go there to learn about video.

    With all of the talk about the Canon 5DMKIV I had forgotten the 5Ds had been released.  The megapixel race for stills is so over for me.  How many of you guys anticipate the release of a new camera based on stills?  I'm still rocking a camera that was released over five years ago!

  15. 23 hours ago, HelsinkiZim said:

    Is slo-burn (crime/ suspense) drama (over 6 - 12 hours) becoming and actually art-form?

    Is it a digital fad, a new production model or the beginning of the end for cinema?

    It think they all have their place.  It really is an exciting time.  We have our weekly dramas, cinema, and binge watching.

    Each of the formats lends itself to a unique way of story telling.  It's up to the writers and directors to make the content that maximizes unique properties of each format.  To me weekly shows have to have some big event every episode.  With binge watching you can just kind of go with the story.  If one one hour block is not all that exciting or doesn't have a bunch of big reveals it is no big deal.  It's not like you sit their fuming saying this weeks episode was a bit slow or whatever.  So you can take your time and have episodes with more conversation and back story and follow that episode with a big battle.  There just isn't a rush to get everything done in a 45 minute episode or a two and a half hour movie.

    I would think the "binge watching" model would be a great way to shoot a novel.  You would have the time to cover all those nice details in the book but you wouldn't lose audience interest by spreading out a bunch of episodes over months.

    I don't usually literally binge watch.  I may watch three hours of episodes one day and then several days later watch three hours more and so forth.  And binge watching for me is usually a solitary affair.  I have maximum flexibility.  I can even stream stuff to my phone and watch episodes on the go.

    Cinema is a lot more social.  Directors like Tarantino are on to something.  Making cinema an experience is a good move.  For me there will always be room for cinema.

  16. 4 hours ago, Ed_David said:

    Keith Richards

    As if you know Keith Richards.  Making life decisions based on celebrity culture is what is one of the things destroying America.  You have to be able to discern real life from fiction.  The personas celebrities and the media project to us good or bad should not be taken as irrefutable complete scientific knowledge.


    On average, smokers' life expectancy is 10 years less than non-smokers. The long-lived smokers are the exception and the researchers said that their findings suggest that they may be a "biologically distinct group" that is endowed with genetic variants that allow them to respond differently to exposure.

    "There is evidence that these genes may facilitate lifespan extension by increasing cellular maintenance and repair," Levine said.


    By the way Keith Richards mother died at 91.  Keith is 72.

    There is a saying "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."  In this context I would substitute "complex" for "advanced".  The human body is complex.  But it isn't random.  And considering what we know about it today the idea that people are just keeling over unexpectedly all over the place is ludicrous.


    More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese.


    The fact a little poor country like Cuba has the same life expectancy as the richest country in the world is not "random" nor surprising.

    A really good movie to me is something that doesn't dumb down reality to randomness... unless it is some summer tent pole popcorn movie that is there just for fun.  Of course a good movie can't be simplistic either.  It has to be complex but not random.

  17. 6 minutes ago, Ehetyz said:

    Log coming out of an Alexa or Red (Or any camera with a proper 10+ bit codec for that matter) is a very, very different beast than Log in a 4:2:0 8bit colorspace and 100mbps bitrate.

    So you agree with me...

    21 hours ago, Damphousse said:

    Honestly I would never use an 8-bit prosumer codec with a log profile without heavy testing and tons of reading and advice.  It's been mentioned so many times on this forum that 8-bit prosumer log is more trouble that it is worth for many situations.

    Point is not all "log" is created equal.  You have to know your camera and your skill level.

  18. 10 minutes ago, Ed_David said:

    I watch nonAmerican movies.  I also watch great American ones.  Like Elephant by Gus Van Sant or Erasehead by David Lynch or Cassevetes or Orson Welles.  Don't hate on US cinema.  We gave the world Citizen Kane.

    I'm not "hating on" American movies.  They just happen to be a certain style of movies.  I watch and enjoy a lot of movies that don't necessarily have Oscar winning scripts or really thought provoking themes.  Sometimes I just want to have fun.


    12 minutes ago, Ed_David said:

    And movies do end and the have structure - beginning, middle, and end.  I don't need a happy ending.  I just wish life had some more structure.  It's so open ended.  There is no end.  Death is just random.  It just happ

    Actually no.  The amount of modifiable factors one has control over in their life is more than we want to admit.  Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, promiscuity, eating terrible food, obesity, inactivity, excessive risk taking activity.  No, you can spot most people's deaths coming a mile away.

    I suppose thinking death is "random" absolves people from taking personal responsibility.

  19. 4 hours ago, Ed_David said:

    The biggest issue with life is that there is no structures, no resolution, no ending.

    There is no order.

    It's a mass of complete randomness, where being good or bad does not matter.  Some times you get caught, some times you don't.  


    Watch some nonAmerican films.  A nice tidy happy ending that resolves everything is the hallmark of American films.  If something is left unresolved it is usually a setup for five sequels.

    There are movies that continue after they end.  You can go to a coffee shop afterwards and discuss them.  Not all movies are Marvel movies.

  20. 18 hours ago, Grégory LEROY said:

    I've watched hours of tuto and Im' already working with rec709. Colors sucks, I have way better color with nikon flat profile.

    I have 8 months of experience shooting with my Nikon D5500. I don't shoot because I'm a video lover, I shoot because videographer refuse to shoot my military activities. I will never shoot log ever, I have no time for this kind of bullshit.

    Well I would assume all major Hollywood blockbusters are shot in log, so it really isn't "bullshit".

    I am truly sorry for your experience.  I shoot film stills as a hobby and I know how much it sucks to waste money and miss a shot.  Having a whole roll ruined because of improper exposure or processing is not cool.

    Having said that I think what happened here is you got the wrong camera or the wrong camera settings for the job.  An Arri Alexa is without a doubt an excellent camera.  Unfortuantely most people would get better shots shooting with their iphones.  It is just too much camera for the average person.

    We have a lot of debates on this forum about cameras because none of them are perfect and the prices are far from perfect.  There is a contingent on here that think putting out affordable consumer cameras that shoot log prores 10 bit 4:2:2 4k video would make Canon's sales numbers return to the glory days of the 00's.  I have gently pointed out to them that most people don't even have the computing power to deal with those files let alone the skills and most importantly the desire.

  21. 6 hours ago, sanveer said:

    I would not be surprised if his Scams run into Hundreds of Thousands.

    Oh, please.

    Why do people keep acting like there are billions of people on this planet who care about video on DSLR or mirrorless cameras?   This is a fairly niche field.  EOSHD is probably one of the top five places in the world to talk about this stuff and I'm almost certain there are cat forums that have bigger more active memberships.

    You jokers are the only people I can talk to about this stuff because no one in the real world where I live has heard of it.

    Ebrahim Saadawi is a very troubled young man with obvious psychological problems.  But let us please keep this is perspective.

  22. 4 minutes ago, Grégory LEROY said:

    I've exposed the footage at +0,3 EV like the guy of the rental shop advise me.

    What is your experience level?  There are multiple threads on this forum about working with Sony cameras and various workrounds/workflows.

    I am a relative novice.  I have never worked with Sony gear.  But I do own a Canon T3i and a BMPCC.  They are very different and how you expose, color correct, and grade the output takes quite a bit of thought.  The BMPCC results blow the Canon T3i out of the water when handled carefully but the the results out of the T3i color wise are obviously much easier to achieve straight out of the camera.

    I just find it strange that you are posting on a forum with so much information about how to handle Sony cameras and files and yet you are asking advice from one guy at a rental shop.  I mean search the forum or start a thread and you will get tons of advice from various sources.  When you rent the camera test out two or three techniques and decide what you like.

    Honestly I would never use an 8-bit prosumer codec with a log profile without heavy testing and tons of reading and advice.  It's been mentioned so many times on this forum that 8-bit prosumer log is more trouble that it is worth for many situations.  I stopped using flat profiles on my T3i.  If you really know your camera and are a wizard with Da Vinci Resolve then be my guest.  But an initial outing?  No way.

  23. 3 hours ago, FilmMan said:

    Here's one example on jobs...

    Chinese companies illegally steal over $200 billion worth of American intellectual property each year.  The Chinese copy movies, electronics and software and turn them out at a cheaper rate.  Over 2 million jobs would return to America if China had laws to protect business secrets like the U.S. does, the report from the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property concluded.


    China chased Uber a multibillion dollar global company from its shores and snapped up its assets to prevent Americans from making money within its borders.  Your Führer Trump isn't going to prevent your sh-tty $2 video from being copied in China.  These people are just flesh and blood politicians regardless of what party they are a member of.  They aren't superheroes.  Take a break from the Marvel movies.  We've had some interesting antipiracy debates but voting for Trump to magically boost your movie production career is the most delusional thing I've heard yet.

    My advice?  Get a good well written screenplay, some lights, some audio equipment, and whatever camera you own (Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panny, BM, etc) and make your masterpiece.  Who is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave will have zero effect on how much your film grosses.

  24. 4 hours ago, sandro said:

    Don't wanna be offensive but are people still hoping Canon will release the good non crippled hybrid DSLR? Didn't we learn many years ago they will Never release one intentionally to protect their videocameras line?

    Canon does release "good" DSLRs.  The "non crippled" part... not so much.  Nothing offensive about saying it.  It's just a fact.

    2 hours ago, Inazuma said:

     The a6300 is objectively good for run & gun, and really has a lot of advantages over the 5D3 for other stuff too. 

    I thought the rolling shutter on the a6300 was pretty bad.  Wouldn't that "objectively" make it a bad run and gun camera?

    4 hours ago, bamigoreng said:

    Heh, nothing about colors... http://www.canonrumors.com/forum/index.php?topic=30469.600

    Ebrahim Saadawi

    Re: *UPDATED* Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Specifications & Image

    « Reply #612 on: August 12, 2016, 06:47:43 PM »

    Video thoughts: 

    -4K 30p. 


    (People, 60p fries up the 1DXII with it's enormous heatsink so not a matter of CFast. Also, no other camera on the market does more than 30p so it's a strange compaint)

    -1080p@60p and 720p@120p 

    Not so bad but not great. Good that we'll get 4x slowmotion when we need it for decent 720 HD quality. 

    MJPEG 4:2:2 500Mbps

    GREAT!!!. Broadcast quality codec and enormous files with tons of film latitude, unparalleled codec by any rival. 

    -30.4 megapixels

    This means Fullframe 4K for sure. The 1Dx has a sensor resolution close enough to make a 1:1 crop and still have a large size video but with 30.4mp sensor if they do a 1:1 readout too, we'd have a 2.8x 4K crop mode. Which is very unlikely. So I hope they make a nice clean downsample from the FF sensor to 4K. 


    But where the hell is my DPAF?

    Sad stuff: 

    1 - No C-Log, just like 1dx. Which means 1DC will still have the most filmic and high DR video in the DSLR line up but it's 5000$ (and the 1DC doesn't have state of the art 30.4mp small body). 

    2 - No D750 Nikon Tilt like screen 

    3 - No DPAF apparently? that'd be a huge marketing fail. It's an essential marketing point for canon in the market as they own it exclusively and professionals are using it now even on high end C300II. 

    4 - No peaking and zebras, two simple ML features they refuse to give. 

    That is really sad.  Poor guy needs help.  That is not normal.

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