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  1. On the original subject I actually use the iPhone for little pickups and stuff, it's pretty good for that. In that way it's more useful than a Nikon SLR! The original video title is just clickbait though

    That's it.  That's why I don't post links to stuff like that and I usually don't watch it.

    Any real video enthusiast uses their cellphone from time to time to grab shots.  But when you get home and open them on your nice monitor you immediately see the flaws.  You can cherrypick shots that work really well but you have to ignore the majority of shots that just fall apart for one reason or another clipped highlights, crazy focus breathing from hunting autofocus, crazy narrow staccato inducing shutter angle, jelly out the ying yang, noise, the list goes on.

  2. Worst post I have seen on any forum by quite some time. I don't know if the guy is full of shit, and what you are full of, but I understand why so many camera manufacturer don't give us what we want if they have people like u working there! 

    Sorry you can't deal with reality.  These companies are not running a charity.  Whining about it like babies on the internet isn't going to change the economics of the situation.  I make feature requests and buy what works for me.  Exit your bubble and go to stills sites.  When these cameras are reviewed you don't see the comment section full of people asking for 4k.  In fact I read more comments of people who are antivideo than there are pro4k comments.  Hybrid shooting is a niche market.  Grow up and deal with it.

    I would love a sub $1,000 Canon DSLR that recorded 4k internally in a robust codec but as was posted on this very site Canon stated they had heat issues.  And we've witnessed the issues with Sony.  If you want to bury your head in the sand that is your choice.  That doesn't change reality.  Blackmagic makes cameras I like so I give them my money.  If that guy doesn't like the Nikon D750 or D810 there are plenty of other cameras out there other than a cell phone.  He should do some research and buy what works for him instead of making click bait videos.

  3. I think the guy is full of shit.

    Has he seen the overheating issues Sony has been having?

    The guy buys a STILLS camera and then says it isn't worth it because it doesn't have a feature a video centric camera has.  A 5D MK III would cost over $2,000 whether or not it shot video.  I mean I don't buy a Ferrari and then compare its truck space to a sub $20,000 Toyota.  You can play this cherrypicking game all day long.  I'm glad him and the rest of the Apple fanboys finally discovered 4k.  I've had it as a firmware update on my Windows Phone since last year.  That's right.  4k added with a firmware update.  Do you see me on here demanding to know why my Canon Rebel doesn't have 4k video through a firmware update?

    Canons and Nikons are standard cameras in the stills world.  The stills world is far larger than the video world.  They are not going to piss off their stills customers just to accommodate video people.  If it was that effortless to implement 4k Blackmagic would have done it in a pocket by now.  We are seeing a bunch of compromises with these 4k cameras.  4k should not be rammed into every stills camera at this stage.

  4. Streaming live video from mobile phones has already been working fine since a long time.

    I've made a skype call.  I'm aware there is streaming video on cell phones.

    I'm working for a company, Bambuser, that does just that - and has provided live streaming from phones since the company launched in 2007.

    It's cool you're making money from this.  I have no problem with that.  But the quality is not going to match a DSLR or a mirroless camera.


    Personally I don't see this as something that will fully replace camera men (if you want good images - you want someone with a good eye for composition). I see it as something that will make it possible to bring in footage that wasn't possible to bring in before due to resources / equipment in a particular location - or because no camera crew were actually at the spot when something occurred.

    Tell yourself whatever you need to to get to sleep at night.  Make no mistake a lot of news organizations will go the same route as the Chicago Sun-Times using the tech you are advocating for.

    TV companies are trying to sell us 4k TVs and TV stations are trying to record the news with iphones.  I love capitalism!

  5. :grin: Wait. lol. Now I get it. Darn diggety dang it.

    I read it like 'offa' instead of 'off from'.:(


    - btw. No kangaroos.

    Okay.  I was getting worried.  I kept reading and rereading my post.

    Honestly at $600 used from a US source I think it would be a reasonable buy.  I don't think M43 is going anywhere any time soon.  The Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8 and G7 aren't a bad combo if you can get a deal on the 12-35mm 2.8.

  6. My bad. I mistakenly thought this was a public forum.

    It is.  You can comment and ask questions all you want.  I was just saying that my intention is not to make the people who own the lens feel bad.  If you are happy with it then I am happy.  It's not a bad lens.  I just wouldn't advise paying $1,000+sales tax for it.  I would say that about any lens or camera regardless of what format or who makes it when you can acquire the item for $350 to $400 off.  It is more a general philosophy rather than an item specific critique.

    That's how just about anyone would interpret 'that lens buying it off of ebay.  Looks like you can get it new for $350 off from asian sellers' though. Guess you can't .

    So at a 25% off sale you assume items that used to cost $100 are now $25?  Australia is a really upside down place :d


  7. Precisely which cheaper Canon lenses are you referring to? And by 'not in the same league', do you mean the OIS, image quality, build, or what? Are you suggesting the OP buy a Canon lens and adaptor? And if so, which fast and wide Canon lens and adapter would you recommend he buy for the G7?

    Calm down.  I'm posting the information for the OP.  You have your lens and are happy with it.

    Did you figure out ebay yet?

  8. $350??? Where, as that doesn't sound right.


    Can you share the link?


    I paid way more for my 12-35mm, but not once did I think the stabilization sucked, nor did I ever regret my purchase.

    I don't know if the stabilization "sucks."  It's just not in the same league as cheaper Canon lenses.  And if you are happy with it that is all that matters.  I just wouldn't want to buy something that is going to take a 40% hit the minute I open the box.  And as you pointed out m43 lenses are not something I see keeping for life.

  9. In sweden most news camera men where sacked and replaced by tripods 10 years ago.

    I can see that.  Most local news is BS anyway.  But at least use a decent camera.  An iphone 6s Plus is $750 for a 16 GB version in the US.  The 128 GB will cost you $950.  I think for nearly $1,000 a pretty good ENG camera system can be put together.

  10. My camera store recommended I get the Vario 12-35 f 2.8. What do you guys think? 

    Not to be a jerk to local small businesses but you can save up to $400-$470(if sales tax avoided) on that lens buying it off of ebay.  Looks like you can get it new for $350 off from asian sellers.  $900 or $1,000 for that lens is a rip off.  And plus if you get it and decide it doesn't meet your needs well congratulations now you get to take a $400 hit.

  11. I don't know what firmware I'm on but I have raw, Prores HQ and frame guides.  All work as advertised.

    I haven't been updating religiously because the BMPCC doesn't get anything new with the latest firmwares.  Never had an issue of features suddenly going missing.

  12. Thanks for the input guys. And yes, I do have another monitor next to my iPad 2 ;)
    After some searching I found that the iPad 2 display doesn't cover the full Rec.709 gamut unfortunately.

    However, the iPad 3 and other "retina" iPads, are actually very accurate and well calibrated from the factory and come close to a professional reference monitor according to: http://www.displaymate.com/iPad_ShootOut_1.htm

    So if you have a retina iPad laying around, you could actually put it to good use. 

    The article you are quoting is from 2012.  It doesn't cover any of the ipads that are currently being sold.  Manufactures can and do change things.  I wouldn't assume anything about current models.

    Interesting article though.  There are a lot of mediocre screens out there and there are a ton on poorly calibrated screens.

    The reason I go on about that is I edited and graded a short vacation movie on my calibrated IPS monitor at home.  It needed some tweaks when I viewed it on my plasma TV.  But it looked like crap on my friends LED LCD TV.  Well what I eventually discovered is there is a sharpness setting on the TV and it was dialed way up.  I adjusted a bunch of settings on the TV using parameters I found online and the video looked much better.  Some stuff can just be way off on any given TV, phone, or tablet out there.  You really have to know what your are dealing with or you will be chasing your tail.  But I do like to view my videos on various devices just to see what the end product will look like to random users.

    Another problem I have is my monitor is set for editing photos.  Photo files need to be brighter than video.  If your monitor is too bright and you print your edited photos then they will come out too dark.  The problem is TVs tend to have their brightness dialed way up.  So my initial video efforts were way too bright on TVs.

  13. The world's most overpriced monitor?

    Any monitor you use needs to be calibrated and profiled.  Can you calibrate an ipad?

    Monitors have gotten so cheap nowadays that you might as well pick up a relatively inexpensive IPS monitor and calibrate that.  It won't be perfect but it will be a million times better than an uncalibrated tiny ipad screen.

  14. Hey, this (and pretty much all videos with 5D3 RAW that I've seen) are good, but it's a bit juvenile to attack someone because they don't like a look...who are you to judge someone for a personal opionion? And to trash NX1 with comments like 5D3 blows NX1 "out of the water" is out of place in a forum with informed people like EOSHD.

    My post was a provoked off the cuff reaction.  ALL these cameras are good.  They are different, but they are good.  I use the tiny sensor BMPCC but boy do I love the latitude raw and even 10 bit prores give me.  I looked at the NX1 and it is missing that important feature.  The 5D MK III has it.  So when someone comes in and says the 5D MK III is rubbish I'm dumbstruck.  It's amazing how we asked for raw or at least on board 10 bit 4:2:2 and most manufacturers ignored us and gave us... 4k!  These things are not interchangeable.  Don't get me wrong.  I like 4k.  But if someone could give me really good 1080p in a robust codec I would be happy.  4K is not the end all be all.  It's nice and desirable but not a substitute for raw.

  15. Color and quality looks like film shot in the 60s. Don't like that retro stuff.

    You prefer the look of the Samsung NX1 to film shot in the 60s?!  So are we to understand you like fried baloney over filet mignon?

    The thing the 5D MKIII does well is you can make it look any way you want.  As long as you expose reasonably you can go nuts in post.  I would like to see someone do that with an NX1.  If you can't shoot a 5D MKIII in 2015 and blow NX1 users out of the water... It's not the camera that sucks.

    I don't like the cost of even a used 5D MKIII.  I don't like the fact you have to hack it.  I don't like it is missing a lot of simple video shooting conveniences.  But complaining about the image?!  Wow.  That's a new one on me.

  16. What a coincidence.  I found this just now when I was googling information on the G7.  I'm trying to figure out why one would get the GH4.  Vlog seems like kind of a bust.  Vlog with 10 bit external recording doesn't seem to match BMPCC with internal prores recording.  I'm thinking about just getting the G7 and not messing with the image too much in post.

  17. I agree, but both Brawley and Kholi have tested the SLR Magic and said that they find it better than the Tiffen that pretty much won Dougdales test.
    I bought my Genus based on his testing but if I was to redo it today I would go SLR Magic.

    Thanks.  That's good to know.  I bought the Tiffen.  I don't even know if SLR Magic had a variable ND filter out back then.

    Here is an interesting test...


    I wish more charts and side by side identical images were used along with more close ups.  Color fidelity seems better with the SLR Magic in this video.

  18. another nice one is SLRMagic Vari ND tested by Brawley: https://vimeo.com/johnbrawley/review/106381581/6ae5f7095b also SLRMagic rumored to release soon a new version of their filter with better specs, additional ring and few different sizes.

    The problem is there are no head to head test vetting the SLR Magic Variable ND filter.  Watch the Dugdale video.  There are a lot of parameters that come into play with variable NDs.  Honestly if I bought just one filter some of those deficits would not immediately jump out at me.  I'm not telling anyone what to buy.  Just letting everyone know looking at these things in isolation or only focusing on one parameter and ignoring all else will make you miss things that may be important to you.

  19. Alright yes I was serious about the nuclear stuff, but that was because I assumed that it was because I thought that you guys did not know it was not safe for stuff to be mailed here that was at high levels of radiation.

    No one said anything about "high levels of radiation."  This forum thing would go a lot better if you actually read the thread before posting.

    Zach it would also be helpful if you would just admit when you are wrong and withdraw your erroneous statements.  From the beginning of this thread I never sought to control what anyone did or did not do with their lenses.  All I suggested was we post things that are factually true.  You and Mattais' statement that all lenses must be safe because the government doesn't regulate them was demonstrated in grand fashion to be a false premise.  It is totally okay to admit you are wrong.  No one will think less of you.  I will let you in on a little secret, until I posted proof that there is a vibrant unregulated online aftermarket in glow in the dark radioactive uranium dinnerware I guarantee you no one else who has posted in this thread knew about it either.  You and Mattais are not idiots or anything.  It is totally normal.  Most people don't know about it.  And anyway the government shouldn't regulate EVERY threat out there.  They have a tendency to really muck stuff up when they get into areas they don't understand and have a knee jerk reaction just to appease certain voters or big business.... or worst of all religious zealots.

    And by the way I am American.  Add that to the list of things you are wrong about... unless you wish to argue about my citizenship as well.  I know 15% of Americans like to argue about that kind of thing.

  20. You would have a better chance of winning the lottery than having a vintage lens that is radioactive. Now then there are lenses that are radioactive, there has to be because of nuclear testing facilities during the cold war, but the chance is somewhere in one in a billion. And they may be destroyed by now. So don't worry about catching cancer when you buy a vintage lens. And even if they were radioactive they would not be sold or even get a chance to reach your door when shipped.

    So Mattias, is Zach serious or am I getting false signals due to my broken sense of humor?

    That post reminds me of the typical day at my previous job.  You can give the general public all the scientific facts they need and you will still invariably get results like this.  Now do you understand why people who actually know what they are talking about can't tell if lay people are joking?  I mean the guy didn't even have to look anything up.  All he had to do was read the thread... and that was too much effort.  I like how I predicted this and sure enough a few posts later...  Voilà.


    I will mail you $100 if you can intelligently and accurately summarize what you just linked to and it's relevance, if any, to this topic.

    By the way did you see the Uranium bowls on ebay?  I like how they advertise the glow in the dark "feature."

    I like how people rely on United States government regulations to determine what is and what is not safe.  I remember the US government regulating the dangerous yellow cake and nuclear weapons in Iraq.  $1+ Trillion well spent.  To those of you who prefer US government regulations to peer reviewed journals and textbooks I leave you with the crown jewel of US government safety regulations, enjoy...


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