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    photography - film - art - sport - visual entertainment
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    canon 1D C

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  1. ebo

    Canon XC15

    this one, see photo
  2. ebo

    Canon XC15

    I use the XC10 next to my 1D C, you can use the same Kinotehnik loupe on both camera's, works perfect ( better than the xc10 canon loupe )
  3. There will be a firmware update ( end of june ) for the xc10, mainly for faster autofocus
  4. ebo

    EOS 80D - HDR Video?

    target group for this camera is photography enthousiasts, most of them are not really interested in video.
  5. screenshot from the promotion film on an Imac monitor, not really promotion for the X3
  6. and you can keep on shooting with the 1D C whatever the weather circumstances are.
  7. i paid in 2014, 10000,-- euro for the Canon 1D C, so for me it would be very soon if Canon came with a new 4K DSLR in the price range of euro 3000,-- think that there are more than enough cheaper 4K alternatives from other brands.
  8. Finally a high megapixel dslr from Canon, great solution for those who can't afford Hasselblad, Phase one etc. for video: there are enough different options.
  9. feels like many people who write these comments are spec and equipment fanatics, I remember an ad from Kodak "who has ideas, has future" and that is the truth :-)
  10. Like to read about technical aspects of camera's ( thanks for that Andrew ) but creativity and skills are the key to create good stuff, the camera is only a tool to achieve this, you can create great work with all kind of camera's.
  11. 1D C is still a great choice if you work professional in photography & film, reliability & image quality is what you need when you work in all kinds of weather and locations,
  12. the 1DX is an important piece of tool for me to make my business running, as every professional has good tools, it's not a hobby! the good thing is I can photograph and film with the 1DX, and yes it very good in video. 
  13. Hi, I am Ebo Fraterman ( photographer ) and new @ EOS HD, I am learning to film/edit since 1,5 years now. I also downloaded the files from the BM pocket camera and worked on it a little in FCPX, I was not blown away by the quality ( after reading many blogs about how good this camera will be ) especially sharpness was a bit disappointing, I am used to shoot on the canon 1DX in flat mode, curious to see work from others and hopefully they can handle it better then me.
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