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  1. My test with the Lexar 1000x 16gb card was quite interesting. Read was in the 700s but Write peaked at 12 MB/s.
  2. I've bought 5 Komputerbay 1000x 64gb cards and I've currently been doing benchmark tests all day. One was DOA. The results with the others I'm getting aren't too great to be honest. The best performance from one of the cards at buffer=16384k was 88 MB/s. The tests were conducted in movie mode, 1920x1080 25p, global draw on (Focus peak). Am I performing the test correctly? VRAM9.BMP
  3.    I read in order to get a reliable indiction of whether your CF is up to scratch you must perform the test with Live view on in Movie mode.  I have tried performing the test but the screen turns black (power saving mode) and live view switches off. Is the test still going on?? Also when I open the CF card I get a Bench.TMP file. - Does anyone know how to open this on Mac?      EDIT: Figured this out. I had to disable auto-power off in setup menu 1.
  4. Thanks Andrew, is there a suitable situation where that feature would be useful?
  5. Hi Andrew, I'm about three quarter way through the book now. It's great! Regarding transferring data between CF & SD in camera - If I bought a 600x 64gb SD would it take long to transfer the data to from the CF, during a shoot? This would be great for space & costs etc. Thank you
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