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  1. Here is another short test, I guess this one is useless as well...
  2. Nothing special, they just simply did a carbon copy of what Canon does with the 1DX II (does not support most aftermarket batteries and when it does it will display a warning and not indicate the level).
  3. I've seen plenty of 1080p footage from both the III and the IV and the latter is clearly better and I don't see the reason why the R would be any different to that - not that the III set any kind of a standard anyway. And yes the II and III is not that different in terms of sharpness, although Philip Bloom said the latter can be sharpened more because the lack of moiré and aliasing. The 6D II is much more similar to the 5D III in terms of its softness.
  4. Yes, it's not the sharpest, but it is definitely not as soft as that.
  5. It not going to output RAW, plain and simple. Because it is going to be much more megapixels than most lower-end RAW-capable cameras, the signal has to be processed and scaled down internally to produce a 10-bit 4:2:2 4k output.
  6. padam


    All is relative, I think it sold well, so it has its own appeal. It was more special when it came out a decade ago (gosh, makes me feel old...) One photographer who I liked wrote, that the reason he was able to take nice street portraits with it was people approaching him with great interest, starting a conversation, etc.
  7. You can check Phlip Bloom's 1DC review, it pretty much covers and also illustrates everything. No, there is no desqueeze option and the aspect ratios are not designed with anamorphic shooting in mind. I would look into a GH5 or the GH5s with the multi-aspect ratio sensor, but I'm sure that there are other options as well but this mode that you would prefer is supported best with these cameras.
  8. This is the same Chinese site, which was the first to leak the A7SIII with a 15.4MP BSI sensor. Which is all well and good, except it was in 2016... There was an A7000 leak confirmed to be fake as well. People also fully believed that 5D IV extra video features via firmware was a legit thing. Rumors are rumors, some of them are fully true, but the majority is bogus.
  9. padam


    Phew, I almost got triggered by scrolling down and not seeing a Noctilux
  10. One emerges from the other statement Apart from adding a heatsink and a C sticker, they are exactly the same hardware. And I think so many people (from the ones who actually bought it, they didn't shift that many) got angry with the depreciation (probably the biggest ever) that I don't think Canon will ever bring this concept back again, they have changed their strategy a little. We should almost thank for them for the option of a 100$ 5D IV C-Log profile or that it's even 'free' on their newest camera. I wonder how much money they made with the 1DC, as opposed to a less profitable, but much higher volume Cinema product.
  11. The guy like most others is sharing his personal beliefs, take it or leave it. Honestly, most reaction videos on anything are pretty much useless, if they are not entertaining.That's even worse than holding a camera in your hand and telling your audience how great (or utter crap) it is. I do understand why they do these kinds of videos, I just think that the reason people like these is that they are a member of a camera group and it solidifies their beliefs, whatever that might be. Because if you haven't established yourself and don't love (or hate) something, people that share a different opinion will start to dislike you - even though the audience should care more about the person, rather than whatever gear he is using. But the saddest thing is that I see people with great content, and they can't grow much, because they don't base their content around gear itself (which is how I've found them in the first place, which makes it even more ridiculous) Maybe I should invest in an A7SIII as soon as possible, and do a decent review about it just to get going. That's how ridiculous this actually is.
  12. All of these are likely to be fake. What we will see is either an A7RIII or an A9 body with a smaller megapixel BSI sensor (less rolling shutter) either the same or a newer EVF, a slight upgrade to the colour and built-in picture profiles (like FS5II) and at this point unknown framerates and codecs, a full-sized HDMI-connector with 10-bit 4:2:2 output is also possible and they may remove the record time limit (they are able to do that from next year with the new EU rules) if it does not overheat. I would be very surprised if they've changed the body in any significant way and increase design and production costs. Yes, people would be happier with a flip-screen, but from their point of view they really don't need to do that, other features will sell it easily anyway. And this time, the price will likely to be a fair bit more than the A7RIII as well.
  13. No. You essentially have a 1DX with crop factor modes like a 1.3x APS-H Cinema 4k MJPEG mode and a 1.5x s35mm 1080p ALL-I mode (and fake 1080p 60p FF) with unlimited recording and C-Log. That's all. You need to crop in further on the 1.3x crop C4k (losing a lot of information in the process) and de-squeeze it manually. This camera is not meant to use like that in today's age. No, there is absolutely no hack on the 1DX, and there will never be.
  14. From that review, it looks like a good system for the future and a decent enough camera for a start - if they manage to sort out the firmware. Personally, what I don't understand besides the 'interesting' ergonomics is the focusing during video and the touchscreen. How could they become worse compared to a 6D II, 5D IV or 1DX II? (sawyerhartman also said the same thing)
  15. It simply isn't as good, the 1080p gap stays solid between them. By the way, don't think the Digic 8 is at fault here, it the combination of the sensor itself and also Canon simply not giving us an (internal) option like they did with the 1DC. A sharp, crisp, downsampled Super 35mm crop mode in 1080p resolution and perfectly manageable file sizes. At least the 1DX II could have done this, surely.
  16. Their main push in terms of lenses is definitely on the FE front, with the crop sensor cameras as very useful additions considering price / performance, especially for video where s35mm is still the accepted standard. Other manufacturers are also quite limited in terms of tele lenses specifically made for APS-C sensors (even something the D500 or 7D II don't have that much), Sony would like to encourage people to use their pricey 70-200mm f/2.8 or 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 FE GM OSS lenses on a crop sensor body. At least Sigma has the two crop sensor zooms and also released another 55mm f/1.4 E-mount APS-C prime. The 150-600mm f/5-6.3 C is also something that can be adapted for wildlife, a battery grip might help with the balance with the bigger ones. The biggest issues were overheating (partially caused by the FW series battery) and rolling shutter, these are surely going to be improved alongside frame rates and other things. The A7SIII is promised to be a higher-end model than its predecessor, so we may see 4k 60p with 10-bit 4:2:2 output, taking much more advantage of that dynamic range that wasn't seen before in a Sony stills camera, let alone a FF one with full sensor readout and insane ISO sensitivity (and probably low rolling shutter). Internal recording might remain more limited at this point.
  17. Of course, it is just a question of "am I in this system now" or "is the features that are in this camera good enough for me" or "do I like this system enough as-is to get this and upgrade to the X-H2 when it comes out" I just felt that 10-bit is a bit 'over-mystified' in some people's eyes (the colour differences are more noticeable to me, and it's not because it's 10 bit) that's why I responded. The GH5s was marked as a speciality camera, omitting IBIS, while this is basically just a 'stop gapper', where it makes the X-H1 already a bit obsolete, but not including all the features at the same time. Other manufacturers have a different lineup, so it would be weird to come up with new technology, but with the penalty of taking away others (although it happened to an extent for instance with the A9 no S-Log)
  18. https://youtu.be/AekKwgvS5K0?t=6m57s Of course it holds up better, but how much of that actually matters is another thing. The C200 has 8-bit 4:2:0 internal compression as well, and it looks totally fine. Yes, those 'other issues' are there with this camera as well. It's a good camera for the price (kind of a given if one needs 4k60p and does not want a GH5), I just don't feel like we will think that much of it, once the X-H2 comes out.
  19. Because of exactly what I wrote before, that people might (possibly wrongly) assume that it is a game changer and matters above all else, like how it was with the GH5?
  20. It's 10-bit 4:2:0 internal I also don't understand why. 10-bit in the GH5 will be a "game changer", they said. And yet there are still people switching to older, bigger, way more expensive 1DX II cameras with out of date 8-bit codecs and no Log, because it has a more pleasing image. Don't get me wrong, it is great to have, it is just not the only thing that matters.
  21. Yes, that's why I brought up the FS5II Obviously an older sensor, not FF, no stabilisation, no phase-detect AF and an external recorder is kind of a "very useful accessory" (finder and LCD are both quite crap) but the handling is great, and I think it has a more pleasing image, although it is still very much a Sony.
  22. With the Sony it can even hit 3 hours (but certainly 2.5 hours), that is a big difference. Although it can overheat in the meantime in FF 4k mode. Sony has some small lenses are well like the 28/2 (optional converter) 35/2.8 55/1.8 85/1.8, the 24-70/4 OSS is also good enough for video use (APS-C mode is just a flick of a switch for more reach), but they need to fill out some more holes in their lens line-up rather than producing biggest and most expensive glass. Fuji has a better lineup of small prime lenses, but some of them are not optimised for video AF , and they also don't have any image stabilisation (or the standard zoom being not constant F-stop)
  23. Yep, you could almost buy an FS5II with that amount of money with very useful features like a variable ND and have an arguably less digital image, because of the low megapixel low rolling-shutter sensor, and much higher quality slow-motion than any stills camera (currently) and the option of raw output. I understand if it is too bulky for you or you are simply fed up with using Sony. Here is the "Sony side" I am sure the X-T3 has improved on several of these things, but some might still be problems. But you know, you can switch to Fuji and possibly switch back to the A7SIII if it comes out with major improvements again. That's what I meant.
  24. You can get it for a lot less though, the cheapest EU price is 3800 Euros versus 6800 Euros for the C200, that's actually a massive difference.
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