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  1. Another good option would be Canon 6D with Magic Lantern "hack". It has electronic shutter mode so no wear. DR is less than on Nikon as it is, but with Magic Lantern's workaround called "Dual ISO" it should be on par. There are some quirks with this setup — Dual ISO mode requires extra processing step on the computer and it's not recommended to use electronic shutter with exposures shorter than 1/2 second. As for electronic aperture and the flickering it produces I can recommend LR Timelapse software. It's used for animating parameters of Adobe Camera Raw and can smooth out minor jumps of exposure.
  2. So... how do you combine them? I tried 0.8x WA attachment in front of ISCO intergated lens, it looks good, just have to find a proper way to mount it. But can I use it with one of the focus modules? Should it go in front or behind?
  3. ​And what is "local news report" but a story? It's basically storytelling. Sure, it's not "cinema" and it's not meant to be, but it requires a fair bit of talent and creativity to make it good. Or at least watchable, because the "live events" are usually very boring.
  4. ​No, they're not. The only people talking about focal length equivalents are DSLR/mirrorles stills camera users. In cinema 50mm is 50mm is 50mm, no matter 65-mm, 35-mm or 16-mm film/sensor is used. Also in cinema world "full frame" is called VistaVision.
  5. I second that, you can't mount it without a rig. And close focus on that lomo attachment is about 7 meters! I think it's unusable without rehousing. Here is the picture of it with canon 600d
  6. Here is a long boring test I did with this lens http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCaH8D0RfHM Got it for 50-something bucks locally(in Russia), albeit in not so good condition. So no big deal here ;)
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