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  1. Thanks to all for responding. If price were no object, the Fuji medium format GFX 50S would make killer video using still images. Moreover, a silent shutter. It also supports two (2) camera batts. I use a Dynamic Perception slider and it triggers the move-pan-tilt of the slider and camera head and also fires the camera. I don't know if it works yet with the new Fuji GFX 50S but I will find out. I shoot nothing but archival anymore and 8K is increasingly the format that is requested from buyers. Again, thanks to all for your comments.
  2. I can see where the mirror is an issue. Again, remember that I am still camera illiterate. Mirror lock-up mode? Yes, DR and batt life are both critical. Tony, that's funny. I actually had a crew member take a Mamiya 645 with all the lenses and pelican case years ago. Never saw him again - of course! I'm going to NAB next month in Las Vegas. Don't know how many DSLR manufacturers there will be but it sounds like I need to gather more camera information. Nikon lenses hunt - really? That's not nice. Recent problem - old problem? - jm
  3. Mr. Reid: Thank you for responding. I too look forward to your article on time-lapse. I had originally intended to use the D5 for shooting 4K until I learned it uses 1.5 crop mode and UHD versus true 4K. That's what made me think about stitching together still images for time-lapse. As I clearly can read, it appears that is a very common practice. Moreover, trying to make cameras that were intended to shoot still images and repurpose them for video is somewhat like buying a farm tractor and also expecting it to race and corner like a sports car. That is the reason why still images f
  4. Wow. Great stuff. Thank all of you so much for responding. You have a really GREAT forum. I have two objectives with the DSLR camera: (1) High quality still images and (2) time-lapse which I cannot do with the video cameras at high 4K resolution. The slider will control the tracking-pan-tilt of the camera and it will also send the trigger to fire the camera so that the camera is motionless when the shutter makes the exposure. I forgot about the 100,000 - 300,000 shutter duty cycles. Time lapse gets up there rather rapidly with use. ATOMOS has a recorder that electronically w
  5. Mr. Reid: I've been in the 35mm motion picture film and then video business for years. What I know about still image cameras is zip except I have always liked the colorimetry of Nikon cameras and lenses. I will soon have nice 4.6K video cameras. What we need is an exceptional time-lapse video camera which brings us to search for the best DSLR cameras. Thus, we have two purchase criteria: A. The best resolution still image camera in the Nikon line which I assume to be the new D5. B. A still camera that can capture true, 4K (4096 x 2160) video images for time-lapse video (not UHD 3
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