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  1. Dropping the price of the iscorama to $3050.

    Also found my Tamron 0.5 singlet which I'll throw in for free in addition to the Helios 44 lens, adapter rings, Hoya diopters and a pelican case. Truly a steal!


  2. Letting this baby go to fund a film. Asking considerably less than I paid for it, and most likely the best deal on internet. Comes with its own pelican case.

    Glass is in excellent condition, body has light wear but much better than most of the faded looking iscos that pop up for sale. Rich's close focus mod, allowing focus down to 3.5 ft without diopters. Now's your chance to own one of these magical little single focus adapters.

    $3200 USD for iscorama 36 + pelican case + I'll throw in for free some great taking lenses (helios 44 58mm and MIR 35mm)  step rings and some collar rings so you can get shooting right away.


    Also for sale separately, A tokina 0.4 achromat and a set of hoya diopters that compliment the iscorama perfectly.

    Paypal. Buyer pays shipping.




    s-l1600 (1).jpg

    s-l1600 (3).jpg

    s-l1600 (2).jpg

  3. Hate to let my baby go, but I have no time to use it anymore.

    Iscorama 36, good condition, close focus mod with pelican case.

    In addition 2x old stock tokina 0.4 achromats. Stacking them with the close focus mod give amazing results.

    $5k USD the lot.  Insured, tracked shipping only or L.A pickup.


    Serious buyers only please. PM me.



  4. more digital feel?


    i think the BMPC is the most cinematic camera in the dslr pipeline for sure, ive mixed it with an alexa on 9 commercial shoots already and the grade only has to be slightly changed in saturation to match.

    not to mention the Pro Res option which is what 8 out the 9 clients preferred to deal with in post.

    as andrew said, its not ready for a professional production, so a toy for 3k? id rather have a tool for 1k.

    not that if i didnt have money to blow i wouldnt own one.

    though it makes me think maybe i should buy another real bolex!


    Bmppc has a sharp digital look and the d16 looks quite analogue. LOL you even said yourself "it does look pretty much the same as all the bolex footage i used to shoot back in the day" ..... One look isn't better than the other, whatever you need.


    the bmpcc it's an awesome camera but there is no valid reason for the d16 to be priced the same as the bmpcc just cause you want it to be.  Also neither of these cameras are "in the dslr pipeline".


    I wouldn't say the d16 is a toy either, it's been used on features, commercials and tv shows already and the first 100 cameras havn't even shipped. PLENTY of time for firmware updates.

  5. The word hipster really has no point or basis in this discussion, and hurling it around in an attempt to insult really only derides the user.


    I completely agree with woopax, none of the new anamorphics capture any of what I enjoy. Seb's footage was nice but I would use a dual focus kowa over that if I'm gonna go to the pain of shooting anamorphic. I think 1.5x is the minimum to bring any character.




    It is great however, that prices do seem to be lowering or at least plateauing.

  6. In case anyone is interested, I gave it go.  Iscorama 36 + switar 25mm 1.4 on the gh2.



    Image is quite nice and pretty much exactly what you would expect. pretty even usable wide open. vignette is almost unnoticeable wide open, but severe stopped down. Adding chunky diopters and filters also causes vignette.



    The one major problem, the switar does not have an aperture ring, instead the whole front of the lens rotates, which means the isco spins when you change apature. Of course it only takes two seconds to fix the alignment but still makes for a more awkward experience.

  7. BmPCC is not good for the uses you mentioned. It requires heavy grading and additional gear to make it functional in a professional environment, battery life is shocking, lcd is useless. Go the GH3, it's a workhorse, stable, very good IQ, 60fps at 1080p and what you see is what you get, expose correctly and you won't need much grading or post work.



    GH2 is a great option also, image quality when hacked is as good as the gh3, although the GH3 has better dynamic range when dealing with lower light situations. Gh2  only does 60fps at 720p and the menus on the gh2 are a bit un-intuitive when compared to the GH3.


    If you can deal with those short comings of the gh2 it is a very solid camera, you could use the extra money to invest in better glass, which is always a better investment than camera bodys :)


    My 2c

  8. I've been looking at the van diemen rehousing recently and cannot justify the price and weight gain, so am likely to be machining a DSO rehousing which maintains the protrusion of the rear optic to allow deeper seating of the optic into lenses with deep bevels, gives focus gearing, and adds less weight than the van diemen bodywork.   I imagine if i do, it will be something that can be bought as 3 individual parts and fitted by the user.   


    Music to my ears mate. I want to re-house, but the cost is too high and am also concerned about the additional vignette, weight. The massive weight gain makes it much more likely to break if it falls, which defeats much of the purpose of re-housing.


    If you can make a re-housing as described I would buy it in heartbeat! Buying the parts with assembly by user would be amazing as it would remove the need to ship a precious lens half way round the world.


    I imagine it's a big job though and probably not a huge market for considering how few isco owners there are. Anyway, keep me posted if you do venture into it!

  9. So to sum up the conclusions of all here, you all might use 5d 3 in raw but it will never be the main workhorse of any production, it's like the poors man raw camera.


    I think that is your conclusion. There are plenty of shorts shot with the 5d raw, but yes it's overkill for filming a wedding.


    And The bmpcc is clearly the "poor man's" raw camera if you feel the need to label one.

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