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  1. Thanks so much I appreciate it, yes it is still hard to believe he is gone. We rented the a7s for this video and shot in slog2 using kholi's slog settings seen here http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?326049-A7S-PicPro-Settings. I used the sigma 50mm art lens for most shots.My tips are to have at least 3 batteries on a shoot as battery power does go fast. I overexposed to avoid noise. I kept the meter between 1 and 2 on the exposure meter. Other than that, the a7s is a straightfoward camera. Thanks for taking the time to watch and I sincerely appreciate your comments. I'm always trying to get better, learn, and improve.



    Slog2 PicPro

    Black Level: 0
    Gamma Slog: 2

    Black Gamma > Range: Middle , Level: -3
    Knee > Mode: Auto , Auto Set > Max Point: 95 , Sensitivity: Mid
    Colore Mode: Pro
    Saturation: +8
    Color Phase -2
    Color Depth > R+1, G-1, B+2,, C-2, M-1, Y-3
    Detail > Level, -5 Adjust > Mode; Manual, V/H Balance: -2, B/W Balance Type3, Limit: 0, Crispening:0, hi_light Detail: 0

    White balance > Manual > Grid setting B 1 (one to the left)

    3000-3600 = Tungsten
    5000 - 5600 = Daylight
    6100 - 7000 = late day or shade/shaded interiors in daylight

    In Resolve, a good way to start's switching to LOG panel, setting LOW RANGE to .525 and HIGH RANGE to .800. Use Shadow, Mid, Highlight to build the curve then LGG to adjust contrast. 

    With this specific PicPro it adds a bit more fine control.

    Better to use a Sat curve versus global saturation but that's just my preference.

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