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  1. This little camera has been Netflix approved, probably because of the TC IN. But can someone explain why Netflix is so worried about TC IN?? I can understand if we are talking multicamera settings, but with a single camera??
  2. When Napster pop out nobody was pirating music online. And the music industry instead of getting the potential from it and be there to use it, they kept trying to close all the variants, while people learned to pirate. Once you learn to get your stuff for free, it is difficult to pay for it. Vinyls costed less than CDs which costed less than an album on iTunes. While an album on iTunes is nearly free to distribute, and CDs costs much less to produce than LPs. Charging more money for everytime less product brought the music industry to its knees. Now we will see if the film industry
  3. It is incredible that in this age of big data and micro-analysis, the people who make more money in any big firm are those more likely to make it loose money and in the end fail.
  4. DaVinci is fully M1 optimized. You can choose.
  5. Apple wasn't going to go with selfmade CPUs and make a hole in the water. I wasn't expecting it as big a jump as it is. People are still concerned about the 16Gb max RAM, but the video by Max Yuryev is with a 8Gb Macbook Air. They will sell like hot cakes.
  6. If it handles h265 OK it will sell like hot cakes. Am I the only one who thinks the Mac Mini, the Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro are going to perform nearly the same??
  7. 10K is not that much money if you want to cameras plus lenses. You must choose well to have all your bases covered.
  8. Can the augmented contrast be a mismatch between full levels (0-255 in 8 bit) or limited levels (16-235 in 8 bit)?? If FCP X handles the conversion well, it is better and easier to make it do it.
  9. If they get the C70 approved by Netflix, it will sell like hot cakes!
  10. For those who talk about this camera for doc work, it wouldn't be better to buy 2x Panasonic S5?? Unless of course if you are full of Canon lenses.
  11. Can someone explain me why you pay less if you do the GoPro plus subscription??
  12. Yesterday I was in a hurry, so I couldn't answer. So the problem was that the camera never entered the movie mode. The dial was on movie, but it didn't enter movie mode and it couldn't even record, it just took pictures. I reseted the camera but nothing changed. I panicked for several minutes, but then thought that I didn't have the last firmware, so I updated it. And it solved the situation!!! I am happy that I solved, but remained a bit worried that at any moment something like this can happen. My XT-3 is my A camera and I wanted it to remain it for several years!
  13. Hi! I am having a very stupid problem, the XT-3 don't let me change the movie recording settings (4K/Full HD, fps, mbps). The option is grayed. Anybody know what can it be??
  14. One of the best things about Fuji is their lenses. I love the F2 WR series.
  15. It's incredible, Canon engineering is so good and marketing is so bad. I don't even buy the protecting Eos Cine cameras excuse. More than 10 years ago I bought a Canon 7D with the 18-135mm lens for 2200€. They weren't a ONG then, so they made money. Now just the R5 body costs double that price. When technology price should stay or lower with time. So they are making a lot of money from those 4400€ and we haven't included lenses. If you enter the RF Canon world it is very easy to spend at bare minimum 5K€, more like 6K€-10K€ in Canon gear.
  16. I wanted to avoid them too, but Atomos Ninja V will probably make coffee in next firmware update. I feel forced to buy it!
  17. Is anybody zooming in 2020?? Of course, yes to reframe, but I say "keep in editing" zooms??
  18. I have the same phone, I love the camera. Mostly the Night mode. But now I realize I never downloaded them to the Mac and never saw them on a big screen!
  19. Thanks Andrew for the report. It is incredible that in 2020 anybody could have thought a product launch so stupid. Don't they know iFixit, Roger Cicala from LensRentals?? Do someone really think at Canon they could pull this out??
  20. With the first 4K cameras, 4K was regarded as a miracle and we could sacrifice on overheating for resolution. But it is very sad that in 2020 the newest cameras still have overheating problems and they are not even consistent/measurable.
  21. Thank God they didn't went up in megapixels. It will probably be very good at high ISOs. And let's say the truth, who needs 8K??
  22. One ultra-modern film for me is "Otto e mezzo" by Fellini. Maybe even more advanced to it's time than 2001 Space Odissey.
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