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  1. Why would you suspect your Thunderbolt doesn't work?? If in doubt, buy your RAID in a place where you can return it.
  2. I am fighting with the red and it's not very nice. I will try yellow!
  3. Mine worked perfectly with LX100 4K h264 25p, but either HVEC or 10 bit or 50p killed it. I haven't started any serious project, but I foresee proxy/Prores creation as a necessary step.
  4. I have an i7 MBP with GeForce 750M from 2013 and the combination of 10bit/HEVC brings it to it's knees. I haven't developed a workflow yet, but I will need to start to use proxys. It made a lot of difference in FCP X if the output was 4K (it worked better) or if it was less than 4K (it worked worse, probably having to resize the image sucks some CPU/GPU crunch).
  5. The f****ing folder where if you move or change anything, you couldn't get anything out of it?? Who misses it??
  6. I have a 128Gb and a 64Gb and they both seem to work. I tried to find a difference between 400mbps and 200mbps and couldn't find it yet!
  7. My Macbook fighted with h264 4K25p 100mbps 8 bit files OK. It's on its knees with h265 4K50p 10 bit files. 8K it's the last thing I need from a camera for the next ten years!
  8. RAM is user upgradable (two slots) and 32Gb would cost you little more than paying Apple for 16Gb, it comes with a 256Gb SSD, so instead of upgrading to 512Gb, you can buy a Samsung T5 of 1Tb. So with 2000€ you have one hell of a machine. The first benchmarks are promising ("The first Geekbench result is the strongest, showing a single-core score of 5512, which eclipses all Mac models save for the latest four-core 4.2GHz iMac, plus a multi-core score of 23516.").
  9. It's an incredible lens for the price. And if you are a wide-angle kind of guy, the 10-24mm OIS is the natural option. All available now! I was in Athens last weekend, I loved it!!!!!!!!!
  10. Smallrig 2228, I don't have it, it's on my to-buy list
  11. No need to wrestle! Get the kit with 18-55mm which has IS and great quality at low price. Make money with it and then you can get whatever lens you prefer!
  12. Have you used the 18-55?? It's a 300€ lens when purchased as a kit with the body! I agree and would love to see prime with IS from Fujifilm.
  13. The 18-55 is one really serious piece of glass, plus it has OS. I can't see why someone would go over it for the 16-55. If you need 16mm, but the prime!
  14. The problem of the new Mac Mini it's that once you put 16Gb RAM and 512Gb SSD (minimum 2018 standards) and you add a eGPU, it costs the same as an iMac, but with the iMac you get a nice monitor. The only Mac Mini advantage is transportability, if you need to have something you can throw in your backpack.
  15. A quick test I did the other day, I love the files that the X-T3 produces, even if my Macbook Pro is not very happy about h265 and 4K 60p...
  16. I finally got a X-T3 myself. It's a great camera! Now I have to find the time to read the manual, because menus are loooong and full of options. The IQ out of the camera is incredible.
  17. Returning to the theme of the article, bloggers/youtubers are getting a free meal today, but I am not sure they are destroying the online-review world either. The final client just want something easy to value their next purchase. Now that megabytes on sensor is dead, this too-nice-to-be-true reviews are what the doctors ordered, unfortunately.
  18. If you buy a RAW camera, then you must CC properly. Those red "problems" seem more a CC problem, than a camera problem.
  19. It's time for me to get a new camera! And I am torn between the XT3 and the Sony A7 III both with the kit lens. I have a set of russian m42 lenses and a set of Olympus OM Zuikos, plus several Canon EF-S (18-135mm, 10-18mm, Sigma 30mm, 50mm macro). I love to shot hand-held, so I feel Sony's IBIS and full frame would exploit better my lenses. But at the same time I love everything about the Fuji!!! Can I get a cheap adaptor which would permit me to use the Canon lenses with at least aperture control and IS on the Fuji??
  20. I read this for a second: "Fully articulating screen would be ok by me, but a better experience with the playmates..."!!! Fuck the articulating screen, gimme da playmates!!! ;-DD
  21. I had to buy a Mini-DV walkman because in Europe we couldn't have DV-in enabled through Firewire. I love the idea of UE, but hate how it has been implemented.
  22. I don't agree, unless we are talking about "commercial art" which are two words that don't go well together.
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