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  1. 20 minutes ago, timapple said:

    Whether you like this camera or not, or will buy one or not ... you still have to appreciate that for $2000 it blows away an $8000 Leica M.
    No, it’s not built like a tank and doesn’t have that “jewel” elegance. But for those wanting a rangefinder-ish experience and a relatively inexpensive camera they can always have with them, it’s still a pretty cool camera. It won’t replace my other a7’s but I’ll probably get one.
    Life is too short to bitch about everything. Have some fun once in a while. If it’s such an awful camera like many are implying then it’s not going to put Fuji or Panasonic out of business, is it? 

    I would put my money on the A7C being more reliable than any Leica digital M body. The A7C body also seems to be very well built. From DPReview:

    "Although it looks a lot like an a6000-series model, the a7C itself feels extremely rugged in a way that those cameras don't. It's housed in what Sony calls a magnesium alloy monocoque: a combined, single-piece chassis and shell, akin to what US car-makers would call 'unibody' construction. This ensures there's no flex or give anywhere in the camera. It also means there are fewer body seams to seal against the elements."

  2. 8 minutes ago, elgabogomez said:

    I’ve been a Sony mirrorless user since the nex 5n days, I like the mount a lot and the blend of features/size/price/hybrid % stills-video in many of their products. When I can use the same lenses (or adapters) from the cheapest camera to the fs, fx and Venice cine lines it gives a reassuring knowledge of the results I’ll get on any given lens, lets not forget the first speed booster was made for e mount. But the wait for 10 bit in video has been perplexing for many years, even before the full frame a7 line.  
    There has always been an excuse to not have it regardless of cost. 
    1. No clean hdmi out on nex 7

    2. No 10 bit on fs100

    3. Better video specs on nex 6

    4. No 10 bit on fs700

    5. Better codec on a5100 than on a6000

    6. No 10 bit out on a7, a7r

    7. No 4k internal on a7s (no 10 bit)

    8. No 10 bit out on a7ii, a7rii

    9. No 10 bit out on a7sii 

    10. Finally 10 bit on Fs7

    11. No 10 bit (or picture profiles) on a9

    12. Only 1080 10 bit on fs5

    13. No 10 bit on a7iii, a7riii

    14. No 10 bit on a7r4 and a9ii

    So, in Sony world 10bit is only for fs7 fs7ii, a7siii and fx9 (I know there are workarounds for fs5), and Venice. And that’s an almost 10 year span on e mount life with very good video quality, just a trend of not giving the last step to what customers ask.




    Why not buy an A7SIII? It seems to tick all your boxes.

  3. Sony is just covering all bases with this new camera. It was not intended to be the latest and greatest. It will appeal to those that are looking for a more compact rangefinder form factor/aesthetic and combines a lot of very dependable tech from Sony’s current parts bin. If you need 10 bit video, look elsewhere. Sony and others have this covered. As it stands, the A7C will likely sell well offering ample stills resolution and video IQ with unlimited uncropped 4K recording (able to run for hours without overheating) as well as exceptional AF in video. Focus peaking is also exceptional (possibly one of the best implementations) and the A7C may prove to be an exceptional M mount body for a fraction of Leica’s ask.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Trankilstef said:

    People are sheeps. they're gonna sell a bunch load of it, based on Youtube vloggers recommendation until next "big" thing. When you see what the Panasonic S5 offers for the same money, why on earth people would choose this werid thing... New concept camera? Meh !

    Panasonic need to first fix their lame AF in video.

  5. 58 minutes ago, elgabogomez said:

    It’s a good sensor... for photos that is, for video it’s still last gen in read speed (rolling shutter) and dynamic range. Not bad but the r6 sensor reads faster I believe, or it would have 4k60. And I don’t know why do a camera they already have a73 but in a different configuration. Only the AF has been ported from the a7s 3. No 10 bit, no faster read, no 4k60, just last generation but smaller. The S5 and the Fp have much better video. Auto focus is a big deal I suppose... but the a73 wasn’t bad in that area and could have get there on firmware. I can buy an a7s 2 for less (used) and be better served for video shooting.

    Unlimited 4K video without overheating is a big deal, at least to some. Canon is a showstopper for me in this regard.

  6. At least it's not crippled, if sonyalpharumors is to be believed:

    "A7c will have a similar passive cooling system like the A7sIII so it won’t overheat when shooting 4K for a long period of time. It will also not have any recording limits, unlike the A7III’s 29-minute recording limit."

    Unlike the A7III, this new camera is rumoured to have the same AF system as the A7sIIII as well as no recording limit and could be an interesting little beast if IQ is up to snuff.

  7. 31 minutes ago, Hangs4Fun said:

    Believe me, I WISH I could do Picture Profiles on my a9, but unfortunately, the Sony cripple hammer has kept the picture profile options from the a9 series.  So with the a9 it is what it is when it comes out of the camera.  I will say though, that the a9's video quality straight out of camera is pretty dang good (for a 4:2:0 8bit camera)

    Thanks. Good to know. 

  8. 9 hours ago, Hangs4Fun said:

    Here is a similar technique that I loosely described above.

    For example the below picture profile settings, came from Paul over at "extrashot", he used similar techniques to arrive at these settings for the A7 mark III to get as close to the FX9's s.Cinetone as possible (limited of course due to the 4:2:0 8bit nature of the a7iii's sensor, but close enough for government work, lol):

    **A7 Mark III Picture Profile settings to simulate FX9 and s.Cinetone:

    Black Level: -10
    Gamma: Cine2
    Black Gamma: Range Middle, Level -7
    Knee: Mode Manual, 100%, Slope 0
    Colour Mode: Still
    Saturation 0
    Color Phase: -1
    Colour Depth:
    R: +2
    G; +1
    B: -1
    C : 0
    M: +1
    Y: 0
    Detail: Level -7
    **to get as close as possible, A7iii is 8bit camera, soooo, not gonna be perfect 😉

    If Paul doesn't beat me to it, I will share the settings I come up with color matching the A7Siii with an FX9's  s.Cinetone (I signed up for prioritized shipping from Sony PRO support and had my pre-order confirmation email in hand within the first 10 secs of 10am on 7/28, so I should be one of the first with a production model).

    Changes are Paul will beat me to the punch, since he owns an FX9, and I will have to arrange to borrough one.  He uses almost the same exact technique as me, so his results would be pretty much identical.  We both try to do it as scientifical as possible, which is why our results comes out almost the same (but there is still a "gray" area when doing the picture profile adjustments, which is very touchy)

    Great info. If you don’t mind sharing, I would be interested to also see your A9 settings.

  9. Philip Bloom just posted this on his Instagram account:

    ”Shooting real time sunset on #elenibeach In Skiathos with the @canonukR5 and @sonyalpha A7S III so I can put them on my tv when I am home and pretend I am there. 

    The R5 managed 26 minutes in 4K HQ mode before shutting down. Now it’s recording in 4K line skipped mode. I just need to watch for that 29.59 record limit. 

    The A7S III is recording 50p 4K 10 bit. It’s been going for 90 minutes now, zero issues.”

  10. Philip Bloom just posted this on his Instagram account:

    ”Shooting real time sunset on #elenibeach In Skiathos with the @canonukR5 and @sonyalpha A7S III so I can put them on my tv when I am home and pretend I am there. 

    The R5 managed 26 minutes in 4K HQ mode before shutting down. Now it’s recording in 4K line skipped mode. I just need to watch for that 29.59 record limit. 

    The A7S III is recording 50p 4K 10 bit. It’s been going for 90 minutes now, zero issues.”

    ”I can sum up what filming with the @sonyalpha A7S III on holiday is like very succinctly... 

    It’s just easy, you don’t have to fight the camera, everything works beautifully and the image is just gorgeous. 

    If this camera was capable of high resolution stills it would be the perfect camera. As it is this is a superb small beast of a video camera. There’s nothing else out there that comes close to all it does. I will be very sad to give it back at the end of my holiday. “



  11. 33 minutes ago, currensheldon said:

    Buy an S1H.

    It's actually a bummer to see so many youtubers/bloggers/influences/blah supporting Canon and Sony as they continue to under-deliver. And here is Panasonic, who for 4-5 years now has been on an absolute roll (GH5 > GH5s > EVA-1 > S1 > S1H), giving us super reliable products with the best IQ and specs on the market with things we ask for (dual XRL, timecode, video tools).

    Please, everyone buy Panasonic. I don't want to use a Sony in the future. And while I love the C200/C300III/C500II, I don't want a mirrorless camera that craps out after a few minutes. 

    Lame AF performance of the S1H is a showstopper for many. 

  12. 10 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

    Dans overheated. Kai’s overheated in direct sun. Gerald said he didn’t have a problem. Tony said he couldn’t get it to overheat. B&H used it in direct sun and didn’t have a problem. Potato Jet recorded 40 mins in a room. Put it in a 104 degree oven and it lasted 13 minutes directly after the 40.

    So we have wildly different temperature results.

    R5/6 seem to overheat more consistently problem is it’s consistently worse with a huge recover time so bad you might as well try again tomorrow.

    Sure, Kai’s overheated in direct sun at 37c but after 2.5 hours running 4k60p!

  13. 21 hours ago, padam said:

    To be fair, the A7sIII or a Z6s could very well have similar problems in a smaller body, some said the Z6 can overheat in 10-bit 4:2:2 with an external recorder, its using the full sensor in that mode unlike Prores RAW with the line-skipping.
    The S1 series cameras are a lot bigger and heavier and they are skipping phase-detect AF for this same reason, more processing, more heat, noisier signal.

    So far, Sony hasn't enabled 4k60p in their cameras even though some sensors are capable of doing it, exactly for this reason.
    Now they suddenly have 4k120p coming, probably external recording only, we'll see how it does.

    The A7SIII is rumoured to have a noiseless cooling system with no recording time limits and no overheating :) 

  14. On 5/30/2020 at 10:42 PM, rawshooter said:

    Not getting very excited by the image quality either - just see the newest DPreview episode which was alternatingly shot on the Fuji XT-4 and the ZV-1. IMHO, the ZV-1 footage sticks out like a sore thumb:


    You are aware that there's a considerable size difference between these cameras??

  15. 1 hour ago, Mokara said:

    Depends on the processing power and the responsiveness of lenses. There is no inherent reason why PDAF is better than CDAF, actually if you have enough processing power the reverse would be true since you are dealing with what actually appears on the image rather than a parallax difference. Consequently it is more accurate, provided you are gathering enough data.

    CDAF works better with a narrow depth of field, so putting it in a FF camera is not a disadvantage. PDAF works better with deeper depth of field, since it is essentially a crude rangefinder independent of what is in the image. This is why you will find both types in most MILCs, PDAF is used to get a rough range so the lens focus point is in about the right place, and then CDAF is used to get it set accurately. If your lens is responsive and fast enough however, you don't really need PDAF as much.

    Yet in every example/comparison I have ever seen, PDAF has proven to be vastly superior to CDAF, particularly with respect to continuous AF video performance.  

  16. 13 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

    You are wrong. A9 sensor is not BSI (see official Sony specs). That’s why they claim 15 stops of DR with A7III. It will have better IQ than A9 for sure.

    You are also wrong with the measurement between A9 and RIII. Check DXO as well as real world comparison on Dpreview. 

    The A9 sensor is an Exmor RS, according to official Sony specs, which is BSI.


  17. 41 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

    Man I am impressed. Sony really stepped the game here. They must do that knowing that canikon monsters will release their version this year so they wanted to be sure to have the best specs for the price. 

    Seriously, if one does not need 42mpx, this is better than the A7RIII especially when considering price. 

    Very, very impress. Can't wait to be blown away at NAB by A7SIII. Now counting on 4K60p and 10 bit easily.

    Hands on by PB: http://philipbloom.net/blog/a7iii/

    In fact it is even better than A9. It gets a BSI sensor, they claim 15 stops of DR. DR of A9 was pretty bad so we should see a better still image quality here. 

    The A9 has a stacked BSI sensor with 13.2 stops of DR vs 13.9 for the A7RIII.

  18. 4 minutes ago, Grégory LEROY said:

    I've never talked about DOF, I think the artificial look is about in focus out of focus transition. I'm only watching m43 footage on youtube.

    There's no getting around the small sensor look with m43.  APS-C is the sweet spot when you account for the 16:9 crop, providing generous looking DOF as well as lovely in-out focus transitons.  The difference in sensor size between APS-C and 4/3 is larger than it appears (when cropping to video formats) if you just compare absolute sensor sizes.  Cropping a 4/3 sensor to 16:9 requires sacrificing more sensor real estate than APS-C given the squarer proportions of a 4/3 sensor.  A 16:9 cropped 4/3 sensor is not that much larger than a 16:9 cropped 1" sensor.

  19. 2 hours ago, Fritz Pierre said:

    +1 Jon!...just tell the bride & groom that you did not get their shots because your one perfect camera that can shoot in pitch black, but started overheating after 3 min had to be turned off for 10 min at a time, and you have a disaster on your hands that I personally would not want to be around for....and the emphasis is on "a once in a lifetime event"...no bring everybody back the next day for a reshoot...only sane way is with back ups for your back ups!

    Fake information!  The A6500 does not overheat after 3 min ...


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