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  1. 4k raw is obviously pixel binned, but pixel binned NRAW seems cleaner than pixel binned ProResRAW.
  2. Check newest reference guide. There is a table for all bitrates.
  3. So NRAW compression ratio is 4.5:1 in High quality and 7.5:1 in Norma quality. 30 minutes or 50 minutes of 8k24 with 512GB card.
  4. I couldn't find it. However its always possible to get moire with 8k resolution. Modern lenses out resolve sensors, even at 100 megapixels. If you want zero occurrence of moire you have to stay in aperture range that diffraction happens, or simply use a softer lens.
  5. Gerald Undone says Nlog is only for preview and is not applied to the file.
  6. The good news is NRAW is apparently not a linear raw. Bad news is it makes massive files. ProRes RAW is line skipped in full frame, but native 5k is available with crop.
  7. I can make a jpeg look identical to 14 bit raw, but "visual" quality is not the point of raw. Lift shadows 3 or 4 stops and then compare again.
  8. Why invest in poor people which is always risky? Invest in their picture 😂
  9. The banding issue is strange. It should appear in a system where different ISO applied to different rows of pixels, not in a system that two levels of ISO is used simultaneously for all pixels.
  10. Its design of the circuit running the sensor, being raw or video. However for heat and power concerns, they use a lower precision readout for video. The problem with that lower precision is there will be more noise in deep shadows. So you save highlights with isoless characteristic, but overall DR will be less than the sensor max potential. In other words, Nikon/Sony/Canon don't need to use the technique Panasonic used here. They just need to increase the readout precision.
  11. "GH6 offers a new “dynamic range boost” mode, where two ISO values (ISO 800 and 2000) are combined into a single exposure". You know, you have to use this method when your sensor is not isoless. Sony sensors are isoless from iso 500, which means iso 500 is so clean that for any higher iso you don't get cleaner image using "analog" amplification, so you stop there and lift the shadows logarithmically to save the highlights. So your iso 6400 shot is not really iso 6400, its iso 500 or 800, plus lifted shadows. Arri had to use that tech because back then cmos sensors readout were really noisy, so analog amplification at high iso could help a lot.
  12. Eric Calabros

    Olympus OM-1

    The thing is they want to get rid of all mechanical parts, not adding new ones. They even thinking about abandoning IBIS and do the stabilization, even for still image, with software.
  13. They want to say Sony didn't pay us to choose Sony.
  14. Just look at this from Ewa Wants To Sleep 1958 Painfully low resolution, low DR, no color. But its like a painting. We don't see shots like this anymore.
  15. Damn, I need to sell my Lamborghini to buy memory cards for 10k 120fps.
  16. All people say crazy things about each other on social media. Thats not the main story. Name calling and ugly conversation came after Craig attacking youtubers for the fact they're stealing his work and pretend they're making original content. Its about money after all, because the videos that contain CR materials are getting more views, so making a lot of money for the channel owner. He was very angry that he does the job, he has the sources, but a bunch of Not_Even_A_Photographer "influencers" take most of the money. He lost his control when they told him "we owe you nothing", in many different ways. I would handle this better, but I'm not him, and its a tricky situation. Because.. well.. you you can't copyright rumors 🙂
  17. Use wrong lens and composition and crop in post.. because you have 35 mega pixels! Set wrong exposure and white balance and lift colors and shadows in post.. because you have RAW file! Sorry, I don't call this trend "progress".
  18. I don't think its happening in video mode. The LED issue is related to the way Nikon and Sony readout the sensor: 12 rows a time. If it was line by line, the banding would be single pixel thin, and therefore unnoticeable. However its only an issue with LED signage and wall displays, not LED lights.
  19. I understand the confidence RED camera makes for both its owner and the clients. Its like wedding photography that people think big DSLR like 1DX makes their once-in-lifetime photos look magazine-level professional! So even when the photographer knows a prosumer small camera is perfectly fine for the job, he or she invests in the most expensive body, to tell everyone in the party: "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing".
  20. It needs fan and power bank to do what Z9 will do next month with just a firmware update! But Canon never need state of the art sensors and processors. The badge is enough.
  21. Do we know how they operate their business? You cant rent brand X if they don't have enough units of brand X, on purpose!
  22. EF domination makes more money for Lensrentals. Its cheaper to concentrate their service to the most adaptable mount.
  23. Nothing about this chip shortage makes sense to me. They act like world population has doubled overnight!
  24. I want Z9 technology in Z6 mark 3 and DPR forum traffic in EOSHD 2022 😉 Happy Christmas.
  25. They claim this increase in area gives them one full stop extra DR, but its just a claim. However, even if remains true in production, they will use this advantage to make even smaller pixel and keep the same DR as current sensors. They're working on pixels smaller than the wavelength they're supposed to absorb!
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