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  1. NICE!! Im looking for something like that to do custom scaling and peaking. I was looking at evfs or possibly a monitor but not looking to spend $1000...$500 just seems easier to swallow.

    There is a chinese monitor called NEWAY CL76HO-X with custom scaling option out there. It's about $300-400 as I recall. 

  2. Last month I have an offer on a 50mm lomo squarefront anamorphic lens in OCT18 mount for $2000 I thought it was a bit expensive so I passed. A few days ago I found a listing with that exactly same lens for $3700 on eBay. Hmm... seriously?

  3. I think I have a front cap for the 50m. Not sure where it is. It came with 80mm SF I bought a year ago and it won't fit the 80mm so I guess it's for the 50mm.


    Anyway, prices of LOMO Anamorphic lenses are raising a lot!

  4. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1346367510' post='17009']
    This one is softer than the 36 and very bulky. I'd get the Iscorama 36 for that price.
    [/quote]Interesting. Do you have side by side example for that?
  5. It's quite difficult to find a sharp (and not so expensive) 1.5x anamorphic lens nowaday. I saw a 1.5x projection lens made by Isco on ebay for $600 two months ago. Maybe if you keep your eyes on ebay you might get it although they probably need to focus on both lens.
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