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  1. Selling a set of LOMO Squarefront Anamorphic lenses including 35mm, 50mm and a 80mm all in PL mount.

    35mm (35BAS10-2)
    This squarefront lens has some imperfections on the front glass, some micro scratches. I tested on my NEX/GH2 cameras and found no effects but you will see the effects of those scratches at smallest aperture such as f/11.
    The focus ring turns smoothly as same as the aperture ring. No haze, no fungus.

    50mm (35BAS4-6)
    The glasses are in very nice condition. Focus and aperture rings turn smoothly. The only issue is that the corner of the front part is distorted (see the bottom left of the middle lens). This doesn't affect the image at all, but it means you won't be able to use the LOMO diopter attachment on it (which is very difficult to find anyway). No haze, no fungus.

    80mm (35BAS4-7)
    The only issue is a dot on the front glass. I don't see it affects the image unless using smallest aperture such as f/8 to f/11. The aperture ring and focus ring turn smooth. No haze, no fungus.

    Asking price for this set is $9,000 OBO + shipping via FedEx or EMS.
  2. I was trying to research this but not much information available for this combination setup.


    I wonder would it work for mirror removed 5D with PL mount installed (like those from Hot Rod Camera) and Lomo Squarefront Anamorphic lens (PL mount of course). Has anyone try this before?


    Although it works, the 35mm probably won't over a full frame sensor but cropping would help a bit.

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