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  1. Well, this is the one thing I was afraid of, and the one deal-breaker for me. I use my EOS-Rs for interviews and live theater. They record literally for hours, 4k 30p, without even getting warm. Looks like my wallet, and spouse, will be happy I won't want to upgrade.
  2. Andrew, I’ve been following and reading your site since you started. So so so excited if this is all true. And excited to see the site once again celebrating its roots and its name. Woohoo!
  3. Mark Holmes

    NX2 rumors

    I sold off all my Samsung gear, as soon as it was clear they were killing the line, to switch to Fuji. I love my Fuji gear, but sometimes regret selling my NX1. Looking back at my dog pics; nothing compares. The detail was just astonishing, there’s something about the way the NX1 renders fur.. call me crazy but if the NX line is resurrected I’ll be taking a close look.
  4. In these days of diminishing journalistic integrity, it's refreshing to read this article. Kudos, Andrew, for practicing journalism as it was intended, and for the reminder of why this is one of my most visited sites. Happy Holidays!
  5. This looks nice - the Fuji colors seem to be translating well to the video as well.
  6. Nice work Fredrik - I love the colors of the GX85 - it seems that Panasonic finally got their colors right with this generation of cameras. I had sold all my GH bodies but luckily held onto the best Lumix lenses and am now glad I did. Very happy with my GX85 and looking forward to picking up a GH5 next year. Fredrik - one question - what kind of lights did you use?
  7. Hey Lothar, I used two Audio Technica shotgun microphones - 835b's - running to a Tascam DR60D synced up in post with hand claps. Nothing fancy.
  8. Another test with the X-T2. 4K, Acros simulation. I like the look the black and white gave our scene.
  9. So glad you're going to see what this camera can do Andrew - I visit your site daily and have much respect for your work and opinions. I traded in my NX1 and Samsung lenses, and some older Nikon gear to go all Fuji, at least for stills, but see real potential for the video out of this camera. Nothing impresses me the way this X-T2 along with my 35mm F2 and 56 1.2 do - everything is built like a tank, and the image quality, at least for stills, is unmatched, imho.
  10. The Acros film simulation looks impressive.
  11. Hey all - a quick test of the Fuji X-T2 - shot in 4K - no color correction - Classic Chrome.
  12. I was considering this for event videography work, but the specs on B&H list a 29 minute clip limit, making it useless for my 1-2 hour unattended wide shots. Can anyone confirm whether this is true? Seems a shame if it is.
  13. I would agree that current GH4 clips can't compare with this or much of the 5D MK3 Raw stuff. But I'm very curious to see professionally shot GH4 4K 10 bit ProRes, graded in Resolve. I don't believe this will be possible without the new 4K recorders, but it might be some stunning footage that will compare well with 5D stuff. Time will tell.
  14. I'll second that - been clicking on EOSHD since Sunday night (California time - I'm used to Andrew's schedule with him in the UK) and am going mad waiting... And of course this is a great indicator of what a great site you run!
  15. It is much more important to me that they change the 12-minute recording limit. Recording non-stop for unlimited times is not something I'm willing to give up, after getting use to it on my GH2. What I really want is word on the GH3, or a new pro-level m43 camera.
  16. Makes me excited to see what the GH3 brings us - it seems Canon and nikon are only catching up to what the GH2 already does, or not even that. And what's with the GH2 being the only camera that can record unlimited amounts of time? 12 minutes on the Canon and now 30 minutes on the Nikon. I regularly use my GH2s for event recordings that run 1 - 2 hours. So glad I invested in the GH2s and Micro 4/3rds.
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