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Shooting guerrilla style in Berlin with Iscorama 54 and Blackmagic Cinema Camera

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Hey Andrew. Thank you for this article. A buddy of mine just got the Iscorama 54 and I just got the BMCC with inspiration from his work on the camera. I knew from the start the two would be a match made in heaven.


I was also quite adamant about setting the weight of the rig over my shoulder - and of course this posed a problem with using my SmallHD monitor as it only featured HDMI in. 


Now I am sure you have already figured out a solution to this by now but someone else reading this might find this worthwhile. Using an SDI to HDMI converter box is actually a pretty cheap and simple option. 


I bought this converter for $50 then simply ran a male to male DC power cable from the box to my v-mount battery plate.


Seems like a hassle but every time I put that rig on my shoulder - I thank myself I took the time to make it correctly balanced.


Also - I love that Rewo rig you have there. I might just have to have one in the future.

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