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V-Log L captured in 8 bit vs 10 bit

Zak Forsman

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For anyone that has Magic Bullet Looks, I've been using 4 way color corrector as the first treatment on V Log instead of a LUT, or S Curve. For some reason it works really well and keeps the midtones in tact. Here I crushed the blacks and blasted the highlights in 4 way CC, then added M31 Rec709 LUT.



That looks great! 

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The exposure actually looks good. What did you use to convert V Log ?

Thanks AaronChicago. I used the Modified v-LOG to REC709 (as posted by Marshal Davis).

I remember reading in one of your posts the other day that you have found an input LUT/ LOG to REC709 you like after lots of testing. Could you remind me what it was, I would like to give it a try?

Edit: Nevermind, read your last post here. Will give your latest method a try.

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I did a quick V Log test with I.Res off and NR -5 compared with I.Res High and NR +5. Both iso 400 and computer exposed to 60% zebra. The reduction in noise is clear to me when filming in favorable daylight conditions. But this test clearly shows the damage it is doing to the blacks when raised high, tons of macroblocking (?) etc. Maybe we can come to a consensus eventually if raising these settings is ideal, and if so... by how much.

First grab is all settings reduced.

The following screengrab is all settings raised.

Low settings Vlog.jpg

High settings Vlog.jpg


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