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Helicoid grease


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Hey guys.

I recently salvaged and cleaned an old Sankor 16c - I've taken the old gunk off the helicoid and now need to replace it with some fresh grease. Any suggestions for which type of grease would work well? I'm based in the UK (London) so anything locally available would be preferred, but not necessarily...

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I can recommend Helimax grease - as its thin enough to be applied evenly, yet thick enough to provide decent resistance when used for re-lube of a lens similar in size to your sankor. Before applying any grease, use a cotton bud with a dab of lighter fluid to carefully remove any old excess grease or dried residue from the helicoid thread.

I use a good quality artist brush to apply the grease, then slowly work the helicoid back and forth to work evenly into the helicoid recesses. 


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