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How I would describe 1dc video quality

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For 4k you only have to use the A7R2 - with a very light prime or e.g. the cine FE 28-135 (200 in S35 mode) for video. Video is excellent, stills are EXELLENT (also with the FE28-135).  With native lenses, better autofocus  (e.g. eye focus tracking) or even with 5D3 (autofocus is way better on A7R2 then A7s).  Only for long takes > 30min in 4k you may need a recorder, also to eliminate the 30 minute limit + possible overheating. 

I see myself now selling off many Canon lenses, plan to keep the 1Dx for "extreme" sports with the longer primes (400) and the 70-200, maybe keep the 24-70 as well. for all normal focal length + wide - use the Sony. Have now used the A7R2 for 3-4 weeks I clearly see the the much better sensor (dynamic range and ability to push shadows) then current Canons. 

That said, everyone finds what works best for them, different priorities etc. 


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Well gosh thanks a lot.  I thought I would get ridiculed off the boards for shooting family videos with a 1dc.  I'm just trying to get the best footage of my kids while they're young that I can afford


Quick link.  I know this is simple home video type stuff, but to me I like the look. 4k 1dc file, built-in audio. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3W9u9cu-URWd2N4LWZzY2NkcXc/view?usp=sharing   4k f

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