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4K 15 F-Stops Sub$10K


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I am really not (yet...) convinced.

The sensor - S35, 4k, global shutter - does not exist in the camera yet as far as I can tell.

And global shutter is too ambitious for the near future. It is not market ready tech yet. The machine vision sensors with global shutters are all small and compromise dynamic range & colour for the global readout. I'd rather have a fast rolling shutter than screw tonality and low light. It tells you something that the most expensive cinema cameras available today have rolling shutters as well - even the Sony F65, which has a mechanical shutter avoids global shutter. When it is market ready, the mythical sensor which is the headline spec of this camera, will be great.

At $10,000, I'd rather wait and see what Sony come up with recorder wise for the FS700. So it is actually not even that unique. The FS700 has 14 stops of DR so I cannot see this being a whole new ball game.

$3000 for raw 2.5K which isn't vapour ware is exciting (Blackmagic). This not so much!

But good luck I hope it becomes reality...

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