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Nx500 or A6000 or G(x)7

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Hi everyone, I'm currently using a GX7 with the PanaLeica 25 1.4 and a 14mm 2.5 as my main camera. It does great, but sometimes I miss more dynamic range and more DOF, so I'm considering moving to an APS system. I mainly use my camera for video, but also need a cam that takes good pics.

Do you thing the A6000 with the 16-50, 35 1.8 and sigma 60 2.8 would be an improvement over my actual equipment? I have no rigs so stabilised lenses are a plus for video. Ideally I'll get a EM5 (II) but the video seems kinda lacking.

On the other side, 4k is very appealing, since I can get better 1080 and crop to stabilise clips, so I'm considering the NX500. I could get the NX500 with the 16-50, the 30 f2 and maybe the 45 1.8. Would this be a better choice, considering overall image quality?

What are your thoughts on lowlight video with this cameras? Does the APS sensor a better job than m4/3? Also any of those other lenses are comparable to the PanaLeica? I like how it renders everything. Which leads me to maybe even consider the G7 and keep the lenses, only the 25mm and then get the 14-42 kit.

Maybe that option makes more sense unless there's a considerable difference with any of the other combos.

I would love to get 120fps (i know the nx500 does it at 720) but the NX1 or GH4 are out of my range. So I'm even considering the new RX100 iv, since the zoom range works great for me, would that be a step back?

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences so I can clear up my mind! 


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I haven't used the GX7 but I have a G6 and an A6000. The G6 is a previous generation sensor to the GX7, and apparently the GX7 is a lot better for noise and low light than the G6, so I can't really compare the A6000 to the GX7. The A6000 now has very nice video with XAVCS. It's very clean indeed up to ISO 800.

I don't own the other two lenses, but I have the SEL 35 1.8. It's very sharp, great autofocus, but the stabilization is useless for video, I leave it off. It produces very slight but IMO very ugly warping effects. I prefer my Voigtlander color-skopar 35, much more characterful (but completely manual). 

TBH I think the A6000 would be an incremental upgrade over the GX7. Slightly more dynamic range, slightly better low light (presumably?), slightly easier to get shallow depth of field. I'd advise you to wait. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Sony do an APSC cam with something exciting like, 4K, BSI, IBIS, high frame rates etc.

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