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004 - Falling of Sky


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I really respect your effort, you actually did put something together with a storyline and everything. But to be honest, it is pretty terrible. Very shaky footage, bad transitions between scenes, weird audio.

What is your own opinion?

What do you mean by feature film? 90 minutes...? Why not try something short first?

You have to improve on all the basics. Light, camera movement, compositions, transitions, audio.

Don't zoom while you are filming a shot
Try a tripod or a simple 'rig' to get some stable images
Don't use fancy transitions between clips. Just go for a plain cut. Ever seen a fade or transition effect in a real movie?

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@Julian I really appreciate your taking tine to give me feedback (and solid feedback at that). 

Tbh I don't think it's that good or anything. I shot this 2 years ago before I really knew much about film techniques. I only got around to editing it last month. I only planned the intro out (didn't storyboard or write out a proper scriptscriptfor anything else). It was overall very impromptu. 

I really like the first scene till Ragabond enters the room. Other than that it is very pedestrian in my opinion. 

I said feature but really the plan was to make a 40-45 minute film. But now that I reviewed the footage last month I realized I don't have enough actual material for that.

I like to shoot short films when I travel (so the shooting is not the first priority for that business trip or vacation), so what do you suggest I do to stabilize the camera when I'm traveling and don't have enough space to bring a tripod? Also how would you handle lighting in that regard?

Also, I rerecordedrerecorded/redubbed the dialogue for the video. What exactly do you mean by weird audio?

I only did some fades because it's a trailer. For the actual film I wouldn't.



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^Thanks man. Appreciate the feedback. 

It's a trailer, not a movie, so it's not designed to reveal a story.

That's not me; it's a friend. He's not an actoractor (I agree he's not very good lol!). The thing is supposed to be a spoof (think super low budget Austin Powers type). It's also a travel video from my trip to China. 

Truth be told, I marketed this completely incorrectly because I wanted people to take it seriously. I didn't want people to dismiss it as some random piece of crap that an idiot student (who does not study film production at all in school unless you count YouTube videos) put out. 

I know a lot about films, filmmaking techniques and processes, and especially the technology. That's what got me interested in this in the first place. 

Next time I definitely will plan properly to make my and my film's message much clearer. 


In the meantime, can someone please suggest some cheap/light/easy-to-travel-with way(s) to stabilize, light, and provide visual interest to an image? I like to shoot travel videos and photos (much better in this department by the way) so I need something I can easily keep in a carry-on and walk around with. 

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