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Is a Sony F3 worthwhile buying in 2015??


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6 hours ago, jax_rox said:

Of course, but we're only just starting to see the first A7s hacks... Imagine it like the very very first ML hacks.. we may not be weeks away from raw video, but who knows what we could get, given enough time.

That doesn't change my point at all however!

If you understand even just a little bit of programming / systems engineering,  and realize the radical gulf there is from the base of development ML had, then you'd easily realise what does not and does fall into the camp of 'highly unlikely'.

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The 1080p from the f3 is better than the 4k from any camera system within the same budget (sub $3-4k).

Thanks so much but I'm not - just trying to learn things as I go along.  It's a confusing bumpy road and it's an interesting world of taste and preferences, of influence from other forms of better fil

because I use them a lot on jobs where we need 3 cameras or more. Has 10 bit codec output umcompressed and better highlight handling - about 13 stops to my eyes vs 12 stops on c300 and well motion fee

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I had a chuckle over the title of this video, "Better Living Through S-Log"!



Could just imagine people going door knocking house to house, "Sir have you discovered how life is Better Living Through S-Log? Let us come in to explain how S-Log can shine light on how you're living".

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