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Examining Cinematography in Leviathan vs Ex Machina


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We can agree on that. Or should we disagree?

I will make the argument that reviewers I trust have become soft.  The NYTimes, the New Yorker - I used to trust the critics here's opinions on films - now I see that they are getting a "wee bit foggy" in the eyes.

Did Reid create me to keep clickbait going?  No.  He doesn't approve of me.  He swore at me on twitter.

What I am simply doing is destroying this forum, piece by piece.  Or am I just trying to bring out some debate just for the sake of debate and procrastination? Or am I doing research for my film about online trolling? Or am I doing this to help inspire people to get off their doles and start making things instead of feeling inadequete because camera Z just was announced and can shoot 6k vs your old camera that is still good, just as good as it was before camera z was announced, and that you could use this time to not drool over camera Z but figure out how to make your camera better. Part of becoming better is finding out what you stand for and believe in, and being able to defend yourself and your opinions whether in the real world or the online world.

Or maybe there's another reason. Because Jimmy from the UK, I am your ulcer.

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