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can you edit the hacked high rate videos in Vegas STUDIO or vegas PRO?


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[quote author=texcam link=topic=137.msg1111#msg1111 date=1325878475]
so can Vegas STUDIO handle the high rate hacked videos ? if not how about PRO? this is on hig-end windows machine.
studio and pro work great with the patched files.
even better then the unpatched files ..

[color=#008000]from the faq on personal-view.[/color] [quote]
[b]How to edit GH2 videos[/b]

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD - native h.264/MTS

Sony Vegas Pro 10 or higher - native h.264/MTS

Adobe Premiere CS4 - transcode to ??? . Poor native h.264/MTS support

Adobe Premiere CS5 ??

Final Cut Pro 7 - transcode using 5DtoRGB or ??

Final Cut Pro X - native AVCHD: copy the Private folder in its entirety, and then File>Import From Camera>Open Archive. Or, rewrap MTS to MP4 using ClipWrap

Grass Valley Edius 5.51 or higher - native AVCHD

Grass Valley Neo 2.5 or higher - native AVCHD[/quote]
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