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Portland Waterfront with Gopro and 3 axis gimbal (4K)


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I have the 4k GoPro too and I can't decide whether to get one of these gimbals and defish 4k footage or get one of the larger gimbals like the Nebula or Pilotfly H1. The 4k is pretty impressive out of the GoPro, which make me think I can get by, shooting people is the only worry for me. Only thing that jumps out is the video is a little bouncy at times, gotta smooth out your steps.

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I would suggest considering 2.7K, 60 fps, medium fov. 2.7K medium is substantially better than 1080 and is really quite good and the medium FOV lessens the curvatures that sometimes is very distracting (the resolution is also better at medium than at wide for 2.7K). Shooting at 60fps smooths out the motion better than 30 fps - and the point of the stabilizer is mostly so you can move around smoothly.

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