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Nebula in NAB 2015 Show


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The world-renowned NAB Show has lifted the curtain in Las Vegas. As an influential gyro stabilizer leading brand in the world, Nebula created by Filmpower has appeared in the core position of NAB Central Pavilion--C7137.
This time, Nebula shows extraordinary talents at NAB exhibition and is very dazzling, not only because Nebula has been committed to creating professional products that promotes the development of global industry and changes the revolution of photography, but also because the important position of Nebula in the global market has been fully demonstrated at this exhibition. Numerous users are attracted by its reputation from all over the world. They stop their pace and experience the wonderful feelings that Nebula brings to them!
Nebula made by Filmpower is created from Nebula 5000. This is the first SLR-level handheld stabilizer and serves as a pioneer in domestic gyro stabilizers. Meanwhile, Filmpower shifted its focus to San Francisco, California, USA in 2014 and set up Filmpower Inc, which was led by the City of Science and Technology in USA and formed integrated global operations in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shenzhen. At present, Nebula owns gyro stabilizer series which are beyond reach of the industry, including the pioneering Nebula 5000, Nebula 6000 with the highest specifications in the industry, cost-effective Nebula 5200, hot Nebula 4000 and supporting Nebula folding arms. Nebula series are fashionable around the world with their innovative design and perfect user experience!
At present, Nebula series have local agent channels in USA, UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Israel, Romania, South Africa, Indonesia, India and so on. Wherever you go, you can see the dynamic figure of Nebula users.
Since Nebula 4000 came into the market throughout the world, it has been sought after wildly by global users. It completely overturns the original shooting mode, introduces a new innovative and revolutionary shooting mode into the industry and sparks numerous flurries. 
Based on innovation, Nebula is dedicated to creating professional products with independent intellectual property rights. At present, Nebula 4000, Nebula Arm and Nebula Twin Arm have already obtained Chinese patents and meanwhile applied for PCT patents in USA and other contracting states, to maximize the protection of intellectual property rights. Filmpower will spare no efforts, contribute more top products and lead global trend in the industry!



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