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good anamorphic lens for max 200-300 euros


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[quote author=QuickHitRecord link=topic=867.msg6349#msg6349 date=1340288479]
Keep an eye out for Sankor/Singer 16, Proskar Ishico, Elmoscope or Eiki. I have not used these myself but I have seen some samples and they are said to be pretty solid for the price.
How do you determine if the anamorphic lens is a 'taking' lens or a 'projection' lens and is there a difference? I'm interested in lenses with short minimum focusing distances through to infinity.

I may have the terminology confused. A converging lens is required behind the anamorphic, this much I understand.

There are many reasonably priced anamorphic projection lenses on eBay, most of which have long minimum focusing distances, but I was instructed to avoid such lenses.

Does this forum have a classified section?

If someone is sitting on a suitable anamorphic lens designed for image taking could you send me a PM? I'm using Canon DSLRs.

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Off the top of my head, the lenses that I can think of that were NOT designed primarily for projection are Lomo square and round fronts (which are either monoblock or come with their own taking lens), LA7200, Century Optics, Isco Gottingen Anamorphot and Iscorama (though at least the 54 also came with a projector mount in the original packaging; I think that Iscoramas may have been designed for both). There are certainly many more that I am not thinking of.

Some projection lenses are not suitable for video shooting at all. This list may help you determine those: http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Anamorphic_Lenses

As a general rule, most of the gold-colored ISCO lenses are not ideal for video shooting. And don't get the Bell & Howell anamorphic projection lens that looks like a telescope confused with the Bell & Howell for Kowa. it is a completely different lens. I can vouch for the Bell & Howell for Kowa. It is excellent for video work (but expensive).

The lenses that I mentioned earlier in this thread were designed for projection but can successfully be adapted for video shooting. You can add the Hypergonar range to that as well (though diopters are a must).

There is no classified section that I am aware of, but some of the other forums have them.
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OK will do.

I noticed a Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16-D and 16-S on my travels.

The 16-S (it's in the US) may be within the price range indicated by MirrorKisser, but as I know next to nothing about anamorphic lenses someone with more experience would need to confirm if it is appropriate. Import duties and VAT could possibly make the item less attractive if MirrorKisser is based in Europe.

MirrorKisser, apologies for hijacking your thread. I hope you find what you are looking for in regard to an anamorphic lens.

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[quote author=septemberdawn link=topic=867.msg6382#msg6382 date=1340423698]The 16-S (it's in the US) may be within the price range indicated by MirrorKisser, but as I know next to nothing about anamorphic lenses someone with more experience would need to confirm if it is appropriate.[/quote]

I've seen people making great images with the 16-S, so if it's a really good deal, it might be worth snapping up. If you can, shoot some test footage with it and stretch or shrink it to see if you like the aesthetic (it will also help you ensure that the lens elements are still aligned properly) before buying it.
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This little guy looks interesting:


It's not like any 8Z I have ever seen. There is no mention of it in the Super8Wiki. In fact, I have never seen one before it just popped up on eBay. Don't hate me if I am wrong but the shape of the anamorph suggests to me that [i]may[/i] be a 1.5x crop instead of a 2x.

I'd snap it up out of curiosity myself, but I already have too many anamorphic lenses. If anyone here buys it, please post samples!
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