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Lens Whacking


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How many of you are aware of this concept, [i]Lens whacking[i][/i][/i] it is often called (or just filming with a 'detached lens') After discovering this technique while strolling through endless GH2-videos om vimeo I kinda fell in love with this, and after months of GH2-research it was still news to me, so I wondered if I'm the only one new to this idea?

The idea basically is to hold your lens manually in front of the sensor, and by slightly moving and twisting it you can create manual vignettes, light leaks, and even create a sort of macro-effect (since you manually extend the lens by holding it in front of the sensor instead of screwing it in). The effect looks great to my eyes.

Check a video I made recently to try it out (and don't ask me why I willingly exposed my sensor to the sands of the beach...) [url=http://vimeo.com/34226169]Persons // Zijwaarts Licht[/url]

So anyway, how many of you know, and use this technique?
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Just need a new idea to try out the whacking again. But since I recently got a macro-lens, I'll focus on that 'toy' first :)

Anyway @amro, indeed it's great to create the light-leaks yourself. It's kinda magical to see what light does when you manipulate it like that. At once it's fully in your control (as you twist the lens) and at the same time it's completely out of your control as you just have to estimate and guess how the light will move and bend on screen.

It's this manual experimentation which I'm doing more and more since I've bought the GH2, it really ignites the flame of experimentation and creativity.
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