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D800 vs E-M5 video


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E-M5 comes out very well. Youtube masks some of the compression issues it has but resolution is right up there with my findings so far, it is capable of superb video quality with fast glass like the 45mm F1.8.
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The main sore spot for me regarding the E-M5 is the heavy aliasing.  This is seen clearly at the edge of the leaf at 1:37. This level of aliasing surprised me.  It not as bad as the absurd levels of aliasing on my X10, but it's extremely prominent. 

I first noticed the heavy aliasing in this E-M5 video. The second shot with the girl reading the magazine is not pretty. 


It's kind of sad, because the IBIS is so excellent.  I was considering buying an E-M5 to use when bringing my D800 was not practical, but after seeing videos like these, I'm definitely going to either buy another GH2 or wait for the GH3. 

As far as aliasing the D800 is not perfect, but it's considerably better than what I've seen in the E-M5 samples on Vimeo and on this D800 vs E-M5 Comparison.  The moire on the D800 has ruined a few shots of mine, but it happens no more than with my previous camera, the 5D2.  And the dynamic range of the D800 is simply a joy to work with - way less ugly blown out skies, highlights, etc. 
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