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Wide angle anamorphic for cheap?


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So I bought an Eiki 16f a while ago thinking it would be the same as my sankor 16D. Turns out its smaller, and I can see the barrel of it through my taking lens. Feeling a bit dumb, I almost consigned it to being a junk purchases with no good qualities other than the 5 foot focus distance. Then i found out my old .45x wide angle lens adapter screw right on to the front of it, and what do you know, i got a wide angle anamorphic!


Has anybody else tried this out? Im thinking this might be handy for anamorphic filming in a car or similar cramped space. I want to get a "wider" wide angle adapter, something like a .35. Any suggestions?


Needs to be smaller than 71mm, since it needs to go inside that focus module Im gonna be getting :3

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