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You know what they say: 'the best camera is the one you have with you'.

What's the best camera to have with you? It all depends how you're gonna use it and what aspects in a camera you value most.

Does it need to be small? Does it need good low light performance? Does it need to be 4K? Have great stabilization? Do you want to take great stills as well?

You can get a G6, GX7, GH4, BMPCC, A7S, D5200/D5300, A6000 or something else completely, perhaps you don't want to swap out glass and go with the LX100 or FZ1000. There's no absolute right and wrong here. What works for one person, most probably isn't the most ideal solution for someone else with very different requirements.

I feel like you can do great things with any of 'em. It's 2014, almost 2015. Now, content may be king, but there's no need for image quality to be subjected to it. It's not 'either .. or'. Yeah, for sure the GH4 is great. It shoots 4K internally, the MFT/M43 system is very flexible, the camera handles great and is still somewhat compact. That makes it definitly one to consider.

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What camera is highest in terms of usability and "getting the shot"? Gh4?


No that's a thing called an iPhone. You may have already heard of it.


Failing that you could look into what are known as 'camcorders' - they are sometimes quite well designed for shooting video with. And you're much less likely to phone somebody by accident with one of those.



But if you're wanting to replicate Shoah your best bet is probably to strap a GoPro to your head and stick it up your own backside for several hours. 

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