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Dedicated GH4 Speedbooster

Ben Holden Sentient Cities

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There have been rumours floating around for over half a year that metabones are working on a dedicated GH4 speedbooster. 


Does anyone have any more info on this? 


I emailed metabones but no reply as expected. Thinking about settling for the nikon -> m43 speedbooster, but I bet they'll release a dedicated GH4 one as soon as I've forked out the cash.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

The GH4 in 4K is about 2.3x crop, which us about the same size image as the Black magic 2.5k cinema camera, which has a dedicated speedbooster. I hear many are using the BM cinema camera (not pocket) SB with the GH4 successfully, which is similar to what a dedicated gh4 SB would be.

If you want the maximum speedboosting on a GH4 now use the BM Cinema SB, but remember it's not supported, doesn't work with future cameras, and it's safer to shut off the mechanical shutter when used with the GH4.

I would suggest getting the normal m43s one. I would bet a GH4 specific SB is not coming.

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