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GH2: Which settings for business promo videos?


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Hello there,

I'm using the GH2 for a while now and i'm wondering which settings u guys use for business promo videos.
At the moment i'm shooting at the cinematic mode at 24 fps. Here is one of my videos: [url=http://vimeo.com/30493342]Hogeschool Rotterdam | De pensioenspreekuren[/url]

What settings do u guys use for this kind of productions?
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At that length (quite short), there is no reason not to use the best. Venture on to the Personal-View forum, and check out the latest LOW GOP thread, or the patch vault thread. User Driftwood has various flavors of GOP1 (i.e. AVC INTRA) patches that are simply the best. You will need Sandisk Extreme Pro class 10 cards IIRC, but it is 100% worth it. Other than that, user Cbrandin has excellent long-GOP patches (which should work with a variety of cards). Not as good IMO, but still very solid patches which significantly improve upon unhooked image quality.
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Agree with B3 Guy - run Seaquake

Though imo the lighting in that sample (all scenes) was so poor (not trying to be mean) that the camera and video hack won't make much difference.  Invest (rent perhaps) some Kino Flo Diva lights or Rosco Litpads for your shoot.  When you underexpose skin tones (like in that sample) the results are mushy with poor color tone. 

Another cheap way to light rooms like that is to use some Paper Lanterns with CFLs hung around the rooms.  Will make a big difference.


Have fun!
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