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I need a big camera!

Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

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Basic commodities tend to get picked by their size and appearance alone, with bigger often seen as better, whereas the higher end stuff need to offer more than just bling and bulk. It's up to you which market segment you wish to aim your services to, and what you want to do in general.



This pretty much nails it.  


From my experience, you work in the market you deserve to work.  


If you're running in the segment that wants to see pretty gear, that's fine if it's where you want to be.  If you aspire to be judged on your creative capabilities, then you do stuff that proves your ability, you get hired because you impress, and the rest falls into place.  I've seen really talented people pass through my work-tier and it's always easy to recognize those that are bound to move onward and upward.


The bulk of my jobs are in the corporate world and there's some limited experience in the higher end film production.  That's the path I've taken.  The compromise in corporate is that there's more than a bit of hand holding for the client...which might be impressing them in ways that don't show up on the product.  


Plus, with corporate gigs the stakes aren't as high.  It's a blessing and a curse.


Anyway, like I said, I've built up a DSLR rig for clients before.  No big deal, pardon the pun.

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