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Iscorama 2001 question

Dave Reeve

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It's been a long time since i've logged in - babies/life etc. !


But I have a job coming up, actually a couple of jobs, in which I want to consider anamorphic lenses. So dipping into my anamorphic draw the first to test is the Iscorama 2001. Having taken some pics with it the aspect seems to be closer to 1.41 rather than 1.5. Any reason for this? The lens doesn't actually say 1.5 on it anywhere so perhaps 1.41 is correct. Any ideas?


Anyway - chances are I'm going to sell this one although I'm aware the chances of finding another are extremely limited...

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Dave, i wouldn't worry about this too much, as anamorphics aren't a precise science & the stretch factor is always a ball-park-token-figure - its part of the charm/look that anamorphics give to an image.

The stretch factor can change due to various factors - I've noticed different focal length taking lens can affect the stretch on some anamorphics & also where abouts you are on the focus scale can also play a role too (i.e. being @ infinity can give a different stretch than @ 2m).

Pick a factor you're happy with and stick with it, as this could quite easily drive you insane - I just go with 2.66:1, as i'm not after perfection, i'm after the anamorphic look.

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