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I need an affordable lav + recorder


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8 hours ago, IronFilm said:


Thus a bodypack recorder is a 100% bad idea for you (unless... maybe, if it has timecode. And that the camera always has a timecode box too. This actually makes the bodypack recorder setup more expensive than you think, and closes the price gap vs say a Sony UWP-D21). 

You're better off recording the audio directly to the camera itself, so as to keep it simple for yourself. 


This is a large reason I like the DJI wireless mic. I can have the wireless signal embedded in my video files, but the transmitter is constantly recording even while the camera isn't recording. So, I'll always have audio. It's been a manageable setup for my small 2-3 minute doco shoots. I can see it getting very unwieldy on longer pieces. It doesn't replace a timecode setup, but functionally speaking it accomplishes some of the same goals.

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22 hours ago, IronFilm said:

I think Rode Go wireless and similar (such as DJI's one) have their place. 
But not on professional shoots. 

For casual hobbyist documentaries? Sure. 

Or a youtuber filming at home? Sure. 

But I'd lean towards recommending the Deity Pocket wireless instead, because:

1) higher RF power output than the Rode Go

2) has a locking connector (which shockingly the Rode Go lacks! That's unacceptable)

3) comes with a free lav mic (and the Rode Go doesn't)


Exactly, the Rode Go has zillions of shortcomings, beyond just simply its unreliability. Don't assume a Rode Go will be a miracle cure to your sound issues. And the Rode Go is unsuitable for professional productions. 


Use a waist strap (or thigh strap) and then I think a Sony UWP (which is a fair bit slimmer than a Sennheiser G4, is 24mm vs 20mm. Yes, the G4 is 20% thicker! ) isn't too hard at all to hide at all to the standard of any lower/mid budget corporate time shoot. 

Agreed. Many little potential issues that won't get picked up if you're not listening, especially aspects novices might not even realize (such as subtle jiggling jewelry could be very noisy if it is right next to the lav mic!). 

The Diety doesn't record in the TX unit does it?

Sure, it might have double the TX power of the Wireless Go II but if the Deity BPTRX is anything to go by....or any WiFi based system....then you will get drop outs at pretty close range if you're in a congested area or have a body bwetween the TX and RX units. The Wireless Go II bypasses this with it's 24bit recording which is of pretty good quality so range anxiety is not something you really need to worry about. 

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