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GH4 narrative short films/trailers?


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Has anyone seen any short films (narrative/actors/story etc..) shot with the GH4?


Any film trailers shot with GH4?


I've only seen camera reviews but nothing narrative. Would love to see someone shooting actors with this cam. Maybe re-watching the trailers for the indie film "Upstream Color" should answer all my questions..


Any Links would be appreciated.

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Here's one.  Appears to be a GH4 promo short.




Here is the "Behind the Scenes" for the short.




Probably not the best example of what could be done.  It seems to have a '70's look to it, which maybe is what they were after.  In fact, they should have put the credits in yellow. :)



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Thanks Michael..


Jon...No expectations. I wanted to see the GH4 in a real world setting...professional actors, director/dp who knows what he's doing etc..


I find gear reviewers who put out reviews/specs informative..however..until I actually see a narrative done with a particular cam I reserve judgement.

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Here's one: 


I've maybe seen a couple more but there's a lot more doc stuff.


like this: 


and this: 


Of course there's TONS of tests by DPs with actors and various grades, etc. I think it's still a little early for a lot of narrative stuff. Given time you'll see more.

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