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Potential film score licenses from EOSHD

Andrew Reid

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Hello all. My first post here.


Hello Andrew, I believe this is a wonderful idea. To me, the pricing seems fair if not a bargain for the buyer.


That being said, I do have a suggestion although I'm not sure if it would be feasible or worth doing. I was thinking maybe a request area where one could describe (in detail if they want) the exact type of piece they are looking for. Musical artists could then browse these requests and decide if they'd be interested in composing such a request or maybe they'd already have something done that would meet those needs. For example, I searched in vain for an idea I had playing in my head just this morning. If I could articulate it to a musician, perhaps they could compose it for a negotiated fee.


Regardless, I will use your service when it becomes available. Thanks for this great site as I'm learning from everyone here daily.



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A good idea Greg. Custom scores would be a lot of work and it takes a long time to come up with good material (most bands take 3 years to record a 10 track LP) but to get an idea of what people want could be useful and indeed they may have something which already matches it or can be slightly re-worked to match the request.

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