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Alternative to focal reducers

Sean Cunningham

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I just saw this posted to one of the BMD threads on P-V.  Instead of using a focal reducer to raise the effective sensor size of the BMPCC the shooter is using a 35mm DOF adapter.  I'm not familiar with SGBlade but it appears to be similar to Letus and other adapters:



...the compact and lightweight of the BMPCC means this rig will still be very compact and lightweight.  It made me sorry I sold my Redrock Micro M2 last year, figuring I'd never need or want to shoot with it again.  


It's got a nice look. Kinda soft but that's not always a bad thing.  

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So, a medium format DOF adapter?  Neat.  Get that GG vibrating/spinning and it should be pretty cool.


What are you using for a transfer lens?  That fellow Henry was using an 85mm I believe.  I remember my M2 used a rather gigantic achromat.



edit: this was also how the fellows who shot Bellflower got the texture and feel for their film.  They used the tiny little SI2K and homebuilt 35mm DOF adapter.  There are occasional shots in there where you can tell the GG isn't spinning.

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It's all a bit hush hush atm, but the internal lens system is very very complicated - in order to deliver this level of image quality over such a large image area.  The actual black magic camera is the least costly part in the whole system.  Assuming black magic were to create a 6k pocket in 3 years, this optical layout will deliver the resolution required - though in this test the vibration system is not operational and is masking the resolution capability somewhat.  


Wait till you see this badman with a 150mm f2.8 hassy and iscorama 36 combo for 3:1 aspect ratio..

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WTF Rich!

So there's a BMPCC inside that unit?

In a strange way it kinda looks a bit like an oversized Polaroid or a small IMAX camera.

Will be interesting to see some footage from it.....


indeed.  the pocket is acting as the 'Brain' of the system.  however, I can safely say the warranty is well and truly null and void!  System is force cooled,   


 IMAX cameras were a big influence to the body design.  Like a homage to the look.  It's glass filled sintered nylon so lightweight but very strong.  Force cooling, V-lock battery running everything, sd card slot on the external body - coupled to the main PCB of the pocket,  Was gonna just be a box that would be rigged, but I decided to design it as a stand alone unit.  Fixed at 800iso and 180deg shutter, raw.   The user interface of the pocket is so horrific I thought i'd disregard it all together and stay 180degrees and base iso.


effective imaging area is 65mm horizonal.  - 10mm wider than medium format.


lenses:- Hasselblads and modified large format aero recon lenses. 


will shoot a test later this week.  

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