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What are the best cards to use?

Karel Bata

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If you want the best quality video (using highest Driftwood settings) the 95mb/s Sandisk cards are the only way to go.


Even though the GH2 doesn't officially support the UHS-1 spec, these Sandisk cards use higher speed chips that work well with what Driftwood and Vitaliy are pumping out.

The thread linked to above is VERY old and while some of the 30-45mb/s cards will work with "some" patches, they won't do well when stressed.

Don't cheap out on your cards - you will regret it.  No point in saving $20 or so here or there when the card might be useless if a patch comes out that requires something faster.  Reselling cards on ebay won't get much of your investment back.

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