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  1. Nicely done, but could do with a plot. Very very interesting stuff. A mixed bag. He's got an excessive IA indoors that hurts to watch full screen after a while, and not enough for the landscapes. There's persistent vertical and rotational disparities that would have been easy to fix. Strange that he didn't. But otherwise... it looks fantastic! That first sequence looks like mild HDR, but if the subject's moving it can't be, could it? Looks real good. How did he do that? Was he shooting RAW and tone-mapped later? At 3:26 (shades of Hugo?) you can see he had a
  2. That was posted last March. No word since... Would be great if the ML guys had a look at this. They're geniuses. I use a 600D (hint  ;) )
  3. Cheers!  ;) I'm using a 600D actually. Should've said. Same advice, right?
  4. I'm aiming for a final video resolution of 1920x1280 (it can always be reduced later) so what should I shoot at? There's always the desire for increased resolution, and to allow for cropping or some panning/zooming later, but the downside is thehuge file sizes and all that comes with that. What do folks here do? I'm using Canon primes. ;)
  5. Sorry, I know this has probably been talked to death here already  :(  but what's a good make of 8GB and 16GB card? And on a budget..? A link to a site giving me that info would be fine. Cheers!  8)
  6. There's a lot of urban myths about this. I've tried, and I've failed. Has anyone actually done it? Cheers!  8)
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