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Hi Guys


Thought I would share our latest music video that we shot using Kowa anamorphics (40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm PL with ALEXA) and which we used an iscorama and BMCC (2.5k) to do a few pick ups with.


Sadly only one of the Iscorama shots made it into the video. Not from lack of quality or it standing out... but just from the story telling side of things we only ending up needing one. I have to say when we were editing, how impressed I was with the combo. It held its own very well against the Alexa and Kowa combo and now plan on shooting more with it.


One thing I have always been conscious about with the iscorama is how it would fair on proper sets. I do often worry that its sometimes hard to tell if things are sharp and the focus is stiff making it hard to use a follow focus. I plan on having mine 'Van Diemen Rehoused' in the next few weeks to make it more onset friendly and then will hopefully get more use out of it.


The iscorama shot is the night time driving just before he enters the bike workshop. Could upload some other shots from the shoot if anyone is interested.


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loved that cinematography Ben.

would def want to see the other iscorama shots.

i had mine rehoused...it was stiff but now is very useable.


were those kowa's 2x?  were you a little concerned about mixing the 1.5x with the 2x if they were?

did you have to use diopters for any of those shots?


anyway nice work!!  nice bokeh!!!


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Thanks. Sadly I cant take all the credit for the cinematography as a good friend DOP'd it for me. I was directing (under our directing duo name CRYWOLF and called in some favours for steadicam etc.


Yeah they are 2x, They are lovely. We actually got the rehoused set in.




We were using 4:3 sensor on the Alexa, and obviously 16:9 on the BMCC with the 1.5x was pretty close. (needed a slight resize)


We decided not to crop the extra infomation that the Alexa give you on the sides, so we ended up with something like 3:55:1 aspect ratio.


Did you find the rehousing worthwhile? What is your usual taking lenses?

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Oh got it.  Cool.


I think it's worthwhile.

Aside from the solid metal housing, VD regreased and I think they also recalibrated mine.  I remember before rehousing, I couldn't get super sharp focus.  The focus throw after VD is pretty long.  I don't have any complaints about it and think it increases the resale value especially if your focus ring is stiff.  The only problem is they take ridiculously long to rehouse, at least for mine.  It took like 5 months.  Every month I'd check in with Christopher Smith and he said it'd be done next week and (never was really).  I read for some other user it took only 3 weeks.  VD is reliable and great with craftsmanship, just not on their turnaround times.


Usual taking lenses for me are 58mm helios on the 5diii, and 25mm voigtlander on the pocket cam.

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