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Canon Lenses on Panny GH4?


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What are the best options for maxizing use of canon lenese on the new GH4?  some kind of powered converter?  I'm pondering the GH4 and the BM4K, but so far the GH4 is pulling ahead.  BUT I could put my lenses right on the BM4K, not so with the GH4.  M 4/3 is new to me, so, guide the newbie?  Thanks for the input!

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What are the best options for maxizing use of canon lenese on the new GH4?


Well, I've shot with my Canon red band 24-70mm lens on the GX7 and GM1.


It looks ridiculous using it this way, but it does work well.  In fact the mass of the glass assists with hand held shooting.


Anyway... the main thing:  there's no aperture control, but since the lens is a f2.8 wide open (which translates into a perfect-for-cinema f5.6 on a m43 sensor) I just use a very basic "dummy" adapter on the Canon glass and call it good.  It only makes sense to shoot motion pictures in manual focus, so no need for the camera body to deal with that either.


Exposure control is then handled with ND filters and ISO, while shutter speed remains constant.


Keep in mind, for whatever f-stop you wanna use, you need to mount the Canon glass on a Canon body, adjust/set the iris, then do the body swap switcheroo.

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excellent thanks for the replies, guys.  I'm curious what people who do this are actually doing.

I've seen the cheap/simple adapters, and THOUGHT I could set the aperture on my canon body since I'm keeping it anyway.  And Manual focus is all I ever do.

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