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Anamorphic desqueeze


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Hello all - some advice from anamorphic users out there. 

I am currently working on doing anamorphic stills. I will be using full frame and APS-c format for now [pentax, nikon and sony].

I am having trouble finding the proper desqueeze ratio numbers and only find a very few conflicting numbers online.

I have currently two 2x anamorphic lenses, both ISCO [one big one smaller lens].

In these both 3:2 formats, my question is what is the simple math calculations involved.

When I open photoshop / image size - at the top box-width, What is the x factor on the width??

On some sites they say x1.33. Others say x2.0 [if I do 2x the image is distorted too wide]

Thus far I have had to do by eye. Id rather have a math # for accuracy. 


Thanks for the help.  regards.. dw

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What I usually do is to open the image in PS and stretch it down to 50% horizontally and the crop 50% top and bottom. That's it.

Beware that with most anamorphic lenses, when you focus at the closest possible distance (ie. 2m), the squeezing factor maybe reduced to lower than 2x, like 1.8x or so. So if you desqueeze your image by 2 times you might find that the people in the image look fatter than they should be.

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