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Colors in C-Log vs burnt-in profiles


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Does C-Log capture colours differently than the other Canon profiles?

When I owned and used a C100i, the colours easily achieved with C-Log and the Canon-provided LUT looked much nicer than EOS Standard - it wasn't merely the extra dynamic range. I also liked the "C-Log colours" (i.e. C-Log + BT709-WideDR LUT) over those in the WideDR profile, which surprised me as I thought WideDR essentially produced a BT709 "Canon look."

I'd like to replace my M50 with something like an R6 to achieve a similar kind of look that the C100 produced in C-Log with the Canon provided LUT, only with the sharpness and detail that the original C100 lacked.

Any help on the question above is appreciated.

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I've had a similar experience.

Can you send me your C-Log + BT709-WideDR LUT? Wide range to narrow. I downloaded one but am not sure it's the real deal.

Canon's colors have changed over time and I still prefer the original C100 and C300 to their newer cameras. But the R6 might be ballpark.

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