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Sigma EVF

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22 hours ago, alanpoiuyt said:

Thank you! I love how that looks like an old Hasselblad waist level finder. Beautiful and very cool.

I'd immediately grab one if I still had my D810 and D850. Too bad they don't make one for the Z7 or Panasonic S1H.

Though... how did you get it to fit the Sigma Fp? All I see are Sony, Canon DSLR, and Nikon DSLR.

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8 hours ago, mechanicalEYE said:

L-rumors site says anonymous source says the Sigma fp L will possibly have IBIS, Sigma customized 60MP, MS shutter. 


That would be amazing.

I wouldn't mind if they kept the MCS out if they used that 50MP Sony a1 sensor. Would literally not be an issue.

IBIS is very cool and 60MP is a strange resolution... wonder what that means for video. That would be like 9.4K if read out 1:1, so wonder what it would downsample to. The a1 sensor (61MP) is the same as Fuji's 26MP sensor when in APS-C mode (it's the same chip, just different sizes, as is the GFX100 being the largest size). So it could have downscaled 4K in APS-C and maybe downsampled 8K in full frame.

Let's get that FF L-mount Foveon next, Sigma!

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